Hello …. helloo…??

It’s been a while.

….a long while.

I’m not even sure if anyone is even here anymore…..

That’s OK though, because I’m barely here anymore.

….and by that I mean that the kids and I have been off trying to live a big, juicy life.

Both kids are relatively healthy and happy (as far as 13 and 11 year olds can be). Both are doing well at school and have nice friends and are growing into decent, clever, loving, funny and kind humans.

I’m working full time: as of a couple of years ago, I’ve been a permanent employee of the education department.
I love my job and it makes me so very tired….

Our family has been joined by a gorgeous pup who should’ve come to live with us much sooner than he did as he soothes jangled nerves instantly.



I’ve met a lovely guy.
We’ve been together for a year now.
He’s the man who came After.
….and we were meant to be.

We still miss Greg.

Every day.

But my story didn’t end when he died.
I wanted it to end for a long time after he died.
But I’m still writing it as best I can…..

….and I’m loving my story again….



6 thoughts on “Update

  1. _jujube_ says:

    So lovely to hear from you and that you are experiencing some happiness again. Please keep writing – we miss you!

  2. ❤ to infinity. And holy crap, how did a year happen. I swear it was just a bit ago….

  3. my heart leaped when I saw you in my feedreader! SO HAPPY to see you writing again. Love you x

  4. Lynda M O says:

    Amanda, you have brought tears of joy to me today with this wonderful post. Heartfelt congratulations on your relationship and finding love again. It’s amazing to hear from you; I have wondered so often where you are and I’m glad it is to Happy Town.

  5. Sandra from California says:

    So happy to read this positive update from you. I followed your story for a long time. Would love to hear the current happenings as well.

  6. Liz / Womb For Improvement says:

    So just a year and 10 months after you wrote this I had an urge to see how you were and quietly check in. Hope things are still going well.

    I have three kids now.



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