…and this is why blogs and social media are necessary in the media world


(It is worth clicking through – message from the horse’s mouth).

As far as a I am aware, Lord Monckton is NOT in fact a climate scientist.  From what I can make out on google, he is a somewhat inbred, rich British aristocrat with a background in journalism (a noted profession where facts can be masterfully distorted to skew the truth) who values monetary wealth over the over human rights. …. or the survival of the planet. 
….and by virtue of like-minded individuals with a lion’s share of our news media (Hi Gina), he (and his cronies) have the power to sway the truth within the media.

I am a scientist.  Albeit not a climate scientist.  I am an ecologist with a speciality in Australian ecosystems and native flora.  I am aware that we scientists rarely produce definitive facts and argue quite strongly amongst ourselves …. but while we may debate the particulars, it seems over 98% of scientists that matter (ie climate change scientists with credible and valued scientific backgrounds) agree that climate change is real and has a human cause (http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2010/06/04/1003187107).

Why then, do journalists and capitalists like Monckton persist in skewing the view of most experts?  The obvious reason is to make money.  Why does Gina Rinehart (Hi Gina) want control of Fairfax?  To control the truth and by doing so, to control the way the masses vote …. which leads to voting for a party whose leader’s view on science seems to be similar to Monckton’s …. that it can be ignored or skewed to fit their purpose. … which ultimately leads to people like Monckton and Rinehart making more money.

To me, this is why blogs, twitter, facebook and other social media sites are of paramount importance:  the truth can filter through to the masses and bypass media spin doctors. 

Perhaps I have a simplistic view, but if I have learned nothing else in life, its that its often the simplistic view which holds true.




One thought on “…and this is why blogs and social media are necessary in the media world

  1. Yes. This is why people like you and I and the zillion other bloggers are important. We are critically important in that we instigate conversations. I know that is what I do, I don’t go blah blah blah this is the TRUTH and you must blindly agree with me, I present my opinion on current events and I invite my readers to present theirs. Thank you for this post. xxx

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