The pain….

There it was again.  A little comment made at the funeral I went to in March.  “I can’t imagine the pain you must feel”.

A good comment really – truthful and showing empathy.

But it made me think….. how can I let people know how bad the pain is or how I “must be feeling” so that they really do understand that they don’t understand…..

….and today, I saw this on youtube.  A link on a friend’s facebook page.  I watched it and howled.

Ignoring the fact that this ad  is about drink driving and fast forwarding to the pain and grief part … well yeah …. if you want to know how I feel, paint the face of your spouse or child onto someone in the film and you’ll have a taste of the grief and PTSD.


WARNING: This ad is tough going.  Do not watch it if you have PTSD  (hello ME – wish I took my own advice 5 minutes ago).



So you now know that you can’t imagine the pain, nor understand it and that is OK – I’d hate for you to really know – but if you ever really wondered how I “must be feeling” … this is as close as I can show you….