Sunday Selections #22. In my garden.

Today I am once again joining in with Kim at Frog Ponds Rock in posting some pretty pics of my life…….

This week in my garden, I saw this…..
Bursting forth on 365 Project
Bursting Forth (Xanthostemon)

and this
green and gold on 365 Project
Grevillea Golden Cascade

and this:
party girl on 365 Project
Party Girl (Corymbia Summer Red) My favourite plant as you may have guessed.

and this:
Portrait of a chook on 365 Project

and this:
Banksia on 365 Project
These two little spikes have made me so happy. Greg gave me this plant many yeas ago. He planted it by the mail box so we’d see if every day. It sat and sulked for the first few years. Then it grew lots of shoots, still none of the promised golden candles.
Last year, the grass tree flowered for the first time, this year it looks it will be the Banksia’s turn. Sad to think that the boy who planted both for me won’t get to see them finally flower.
I will be watching for these bud-filled spikes to flower in the coming weeks.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Selections #22. In my garden.

  1. permanentlyamanda says:

    I’ve been seeing your photos when I check in to Pinterest and have been liking my favourites over there 🙂

    I don’t remember seeing the chook one though, it is very striking.

  2. The promise of those candles would have me smiling very broadly. Love the chook too. Thank you.

  3. river says:

    Those first green buds are amazing! and I’m looking forward to seeing the banksia in full flower. The Corymbia is a flowering gum?
    That chook seems to be syaing don’t get any closer with that camera.
    Grevilleas are one of my favourites, especially the pincushion ones.

  4. aaah all these connections that make you smile and break your heart all over again. All in the briefest instant. Now I have started to cry and all the rest of my comment has flown out of my head. xxx

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