Hello 2012

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Hello 2012

Hello love

Hello kindness

Hello grace

Hello better health

Hello better fitness

Hello new friends

Hello feeling safe

Hello good things for the kids

Hello confidence

Hello new wealth

Hello increased strength

Hello empathy

Hello good luck

Hello stable career

Hello permanent job

Hello fun

Hello good memories

Hello positivity

Hello learning new things

Hello old love

Hello new love

Hello 2012


5 thoughts on “Hello 2012

  1. Lynda M O says:

    Happy New Year A and Kids, I love the idea of saying hello to the good things you want to come into your life.

  2. Beet says:

    lovely sentiment. I hope this year brings all those things into your life xxx

  3. bushbabe says:

    What a great list – I wish you all this and more!


  4. Hello beautiful Corymbia, I wish all these plus more.

  5. debby3768 says:

    I’m so glad to read this. So very happy!

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