RUOK is a great concept … for other people.

But if someone asks me today, I may slap them.

I. Am. Not. OK.

And asking me will not make me OK.

and if I am not OK

I will not tell you anyway …

Sometimes life really sucks and it means more to have someone who can listen to the shit-list without trying to make it all “OK”.

Which is why I blog …. bloggers listen to the shit-list and know better than to use some cutesy text-talk question.

I am not OK and asking me will not help.

Helping me will help.

But flippantly tossing me an acronym really really won’t.

(Sorry if this offends, but I am what I am and I feel what I feel and I share it here).


9 thoughts on “RUOK?

  1. Liz says:

    Absolutely. There are a couple of my friends that aren’t OK and it would not be helpful to ask BUT I still think this is a good hearted concept. xxxooo

  2. BB says:

    Like Liz, I like the idea of people at leasting THINKING about others and looking to make sure they don’t need someone to talk to. We all wish you were okay darl – but we totally understand why you aren’t. We know all we can do is hug you from afar and listen.


  3. Jayne says:

    (((hugs))) xxxx

  4. you are not OK.

    You are freaking awesome.

  5. corymbia says:

    Thanks guys. You all get it. and I love you all. You have made the difference so many times in the past 18 months.
    I do also think the concept is good and the guidelines for beginning an “RUOK” conversation on the website are good … but when someone I know IRL chooses to ask me if I’m OK with a cheesy message on facebook ….they just don’t get the concept, however well meaning they were trying to be.

  6. RUOK day gave me the shits, and I couldn’t say it without it sounding like sour grapes or pettiness or something. It feels like slacktivism and band wagon jumping. So I just avoided the internet and unfollowed people whose happy happy joy joy made my head want to explode. What is the point of asking, if you don’t want to hear the answer. There has to be a level of commitment in asking the question. I am babbling. And another thing. After Veronica wrote the post detailing how she was not Ok, no one actually then asked if she needed a hand. *sigh* On the upside I spoke to my son today.

  7. I missed all this RUOK stuff. You mean they wanted you to do it online? Not in person…. or was it both? I have enough trouble with people I barely know asking me IRL without people I do not know well online asking me and not wanting to hear the answer.

    IRL I pretend I am deafer than I currently am if I get asked that question. Online I cannot get away with that!

    And anyway, who is 100% okay anyway …there is always something and your commentors are right…if you ask the question IRL or online…at least have the gumption to be prepared to stick around for the answer….even if you do not know what to say. I know when they say RUOK we say RASP back at em. [ REALLY ANGRY SAD PERSON ]

  8. The other Liz here.

    Asking if you are Ok is pretty meaningless as you already know the answer. But showing you are thinking of someone is far more helpful just being there helps, I hope you still have you real life support network who don’t ask, but just do.

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