Sunday Selections #16. The Ekka and more backyard wildlife….

I’ve missed a couple of weeks due to the Ekka coming to town and it being “birthday week” and all but once again, I am joining in with Kim at Frog Ponds Rock in posting some pretty pics of my life…….

These are the ones I’m happy to share here, but regular readers can view the party photos on facebook or 365.

Ekka-tastic…. the crowds were insane….
When the show comes to town on 365 Project

…and more backyard wildlife….

bush gem on 365 Project
Bush Pearl.

I'm a stick! I'm a stick on 365 Project
Bearded Dragon

Harry Potter on 365 Project
Harry Potter (so named because he lives in the cupboard under the stairs)

I am really loving the flowers blooming and the lizards starting to come out of hiding .. but I don’t look forward to the snakes coming out of hiding nor the mosquitoes “blooming”!

Hope you enjoyed these photos.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Selections #16. The Ekka and more backyard wildlife….

  1. amandab says:

    After the pictures of Ekka the Bush Pearl was a bit of a surprise, in a pleasant way, to the eye. The colour really jumped out of the screen. Love all the texture in the bearded dragon photo 🙂

  2. I might try to photograph some snakes this year. I adore Lizards and we have a bluetongue that lives under the water tank. he/she is very elusive and hard to photograph though. I have a small dam that is under construction near the studio and that might be a good place for snakes if I am lucky. (and feeling brave)

  3. Jealous that you have Harry AND a Bearded Dragon. I love these guys, but our neighbour has six cats 😦

  4. Marita says:

    I love Ekka, but I do not love the Ekka crowds

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