Sunday Selections #14. Harmless Addictions

Once again, I am joining in with Kim at Frog Ponds Rock in posting some pretty pics of my life…….

I think portrait photography seems to be my thing – again I took some great photos of my two kids plus my cousin’s two kids … and much as I want to post them, I need to remember why I don’t post pictures of my kids (or other kids) here.  Sad but necessary for us.

Instead I give you some  of my harmless addictions…

Pinterest on 365 Project

Pinterest – you have my love … and my arse in a sling

and watching the sun sink below the horizon mesmerises me.  I will stop doing almost anything just to catch that moment between daylight and dusklight.

Sunset carpark 2 on 365 Project

Interesting biota – I am compelled to stop and look at any interesting plant or creature.

Harlequin Beetle on 365 Project

Harlequin Beetle

Then, there was Beyonce’s cousin, spotted in a local $2 shop.  Reading blogs is a very strong addiction
Beyonce's cousin on 365 Project

What are your harmless little addictions?


Sunday Selections #13. My Garden.

Once again, I am joining in with Kim at Frog Ponds Rock in posting some pretty pics of my life…….

Our garden has been providing at least part of most meals for weeks now …. a few lettuce leaves here, a pumpkin there not to mention all the eggs from our free-range chooks.  But his week, we started eating H’s beans…
some beans on 365 Project
I also took some fantastic photos of the kids who were very proud of their first bean harvest (as in they planted them, watered them and harvested them themselves unlike previous years when they just picked them).

and I found a surprise pumpkin hiding in the nasturtiums. I’d harvested the pumpkins months ago and yet, here was another one ready for picking….
surprise pumpkin on 365 Project

The winter flowers have also been quite showy….
Dietes grandiflora on 365 Project

Dietes grandiflora

Dietes detail  on 365 Project

Dietes grandiflora detail

Kangaroo Paw on 365 Project

Anigozathos “Bush Pearl”.

Sunday Selections #12. Deck, backyard and beyond….

Once again, I am joining in with Kim at Frog Ponds Rock in posting some pretty pics of my life…….

The big news here at Casa del Corymbia is that the deck was oiled and the builder finished the awesome job beautifully … and was kind enough to assemble the flat-pack table and chairs between coats of oil.

I arrived home from my first day back at work after school holidays to this….

finished deck on 365 Project
Deck finished, furniture built – beautiful.

I added a pair of 1960s armchairs that my parents bought when they first married. They are supremely comfortable and hopefully the vinyl and wood will withstand another 45 years….
New meets old on 365 Project
Deck furniture

I had also considered adding in a retractable clothes line for those rainy wash-days, but had a brain wave after the stainless steel railings went in … another length of stainless steel high enough to accommodate the long, long legs of my long, long jeans. It looks like part of the design most of the time and provides the perfect sky-hook for hanging washing out of the sun and rain….
deck washing line on 365 Project

….and for hanging lanterns…
lantern on 365 Project

In other news, the sunsets this week have been beautiful. This was snapped at the local plaza where there is a magnificent view to the west … which is admired by a bunch of parked cars each day….
Carpark at dusk on 365 Project

Finally, this is part of the grounds of the cemetery my Nan and Pop are in … I love the lines and reflections….
reflections on 365 Project

Sunday Selections #11. School Holidays Edition.

Once again, I am joining in with Kim at Frog Ponds Rock in posting some pretty pics of my life…….

This was the second week of our school holidays and my brother and his three girls came to visit us ….. which meant lots of trips to places of interest and many family gatherings.

Brisbane - winter's day. on 365 Project

A view of our city

Butterfly Man of Kuranda's Butterflies on 365 Project

Butterflies on display at the museum

QR citytrain on 365 Project

City Train – our transport to and from town.


… and I am going to break my rule of no kid’s photos on the blog, because the detail is obscured in the following pics…..

Nieces at the beachfront on 365 Project

At our local beach

 at the beach on 365 Project

just another beach

I’ve really enjoyed having my family come to visit.

Sunday Selections #10.

Once again, I am joining in with Kim at Frog Ponds Rock in posting some pretty pics of my life…….

I’ve been under the weather with a nasty cold all week …. but had time for a couple of photos of general stuff around the house…

You can't fix me. on 365 Project
you can’t fix me
A selection of Greg’s tools

driftwood wand on 365 Project
driftwood wand
H found this piece of driftwood and promptly decided it was a wand.

Sparkles on 365 Project

crochet on 365 Project
Crochet … a scarf I am making

quiche on 365 Project
Home made, low(er) fat version using the golden-yolked free-range eggs from our chooks.