Sunday Selections #9 houses

Once again, I am joining in with Kim at Frog Ponds Rock in posting some pretty pics of my life….

This week, I bring you a series of houses along one local stretch of road ….. which happens to be directly across the road from the waterfront.

These houses and street are special to me because it is where my grandmother spent her childhood … along with 11 brothers and sisters.

The house they grew up in was remarkably tiny and as far as I know, the age-range of the kids was such that the older ones had left home before the younger ones were born.  Sadly, their house no longer stands, but then… no real surprises as it was situated in what is now a prime position (wouldn’t have been a hundred years ago) and was really quite ordinary as far as local houses go.

The people who now live there have at least replaced it with something in keeping with the original….

The House That Now Stands.... on 365 Project
 The house that now stands where my grandmother’s childhood home used to be.
The House Next Door.... on 365 Project

The house next door to where my grandmother’s childhood home used to be (restored).
The House Up The Road on 365 Project

The house down the road from my grandmother’s childhood home.

In between these beauties, there are some ugly dark brick 1980’s monstrosities, so I am at least glad that the house that now stands where Grandma’s used to be has some charm.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Selections #9 houses

  1. Isn’t it amazing how few modern houses have that indefinable thing, charm. And that so many of the older ones do. Thank you they were just beautiful.

  2. carolina says:

    Some gorgeous houses there. I’m not sure in which country you live (didn’t pay enough attention, sorry), but they look so different to the houses in our country (the Netherlands). I love seeing glimpses of life from all over the world.
    (Eleven brothers and sisters. Wow.)

  3. carolina says:

    Ah, Australia! (just read your ‘about’)

  4. superrelish says:

    I think I could live there, it looks beautiful.

  5. river says:

    I love houses, and these are all beautiful ones.

  6. I am a sucker for federation style houses, and I love verandahs. I am always amazed at the sheer ugliness of a lot of the modern houses.

  7. twangy says:

    I am really enjoying these.

  8. corymbia says:

    Thanks everyone.

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