Grief is a long-term thing…

K has had a rough day.

For her, most days are rough: she misses her Dad.

She won’t get over this quickly.

This sadness is long term.

Even though we are working through our grief … together.
Even though we might function OK.
Even though some people think we should be “over it” by now, or able to move on or able to function as we were in the Before.

This sadness is here for the long-haul.

And you know what?

It probably should be that way.

Grief shouldn’t go away overnight.

Grief shouldn’t go away within a year.

It needs to be felt, everyday, until we can run our fingers over the scars without screaming , and see how strong we are.


4 thoughts on “Grief is a long-term thing…

  1. Lynda M O says:

    Strength… i am hoping to find some.

  2. I think that grief is a life long thing. And in my experience it sneaks up and bites you when you are least expecting it. And also bites on the times you do expect it. And yes, to not grieve implies (to me) that the person you lost is no longer valuable. Bah.

  3. My biggest bear-iest hugs to K. And to her Ma.
    I cannot imagine it will ever stop sucking. But I hope that the smiles will slowly come more easily to you all…


  4. My Son is struggling. It has been two years now since Mum died and I think things are getting harder for him, not easier. Mum was his confidante. His go to, person. Veronica is struggling as well but I don’t worry about her as much as I worry about my boy. He turned 17 last week and has dropped out of school. *sigh* I cant help but think that things wouldn’t be this difficult if Mum was still here.

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