Sunday Selections #5 botanical edition

Once again, I am joining in with Kim at Frog Ponds Rock in posting some pretty pics of my life….

The bulk of photos I uploaded to my 365 project this week were either uninspiring fillers or fantastic portraits of my children … I won’t bore you with the former and I don’t post the latter on my blog.

So I post the one half decent entry from this week…
The jewel within on 365 Project
the jewel within

and a few other taken a while back…
succulent on 365 Project
another sedum

Vivid Hippy on 365 Project

Corymbia Summer Red on 365 Project

What’s growing in your garden?


10 thoughts on “Sunday Selections #5 botanical edition

  1. oooh. Love them. The stamens on the hippeastrum are incredible. Thanks

  2. I love the structure of that second succulent. Thank you. I can see that in a pot.

  3. actually, the sedum photo with the water drop caught my attention, but I like them all. very nice collection of macros.

  4. superrelish says:

    Beautiful. I love the Jewel Within.

  5. Tat says:

    The jewel within is beautiful, what a great shot! Love all of them.

  6. carolina says:

    Beautiful shots. Inspiring too. I’ll be off outside with my camera as soon as I’ve hit the ‘post comment’ button 😉

  7. cancerwidow says:

    These are gorgeous. Macro photography used to be my passion and that first shot – the jewel within – is magical. Really beautiful photos.

  8. Mena says:

    I do love the jewel within. Thanks for sharing.

  9. corymbia says:

    Thanks everyone … it seems my throw-away pic “the jewel within” is popular both here and on 365….
    Ironically, it’s one of my least favourite of these as I am more a fan of strong colour like the vivid hippy 🙂
    (I find it fascinating how people react differently to colour).

    … but I am so grateful for everyone’s positive comments. I really do get so much out of photography 🙂

  10. Lynda M O says:

    What’s growing: Strawberries by the bowlful; cherries from trees planted less than a year ago; Gala apples are about half inch (12-15 mm) diameter and will be yummy some months from now. The blueberries have been devoured by the squirrels and the toddlers. Flowers: roses, cosmos, snapdragons, clover, alyssum….

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