Sunday Selections #4.

Once again, I am joining in with Kim at Frog Ponds Rock in posting some pretty pics of my life….
This week was all about the full moon….

Almost-full moon on 365 Project

99% Waxing Gibbous taking in the early evening in the eastern sky

Full Moon on 365 Project

Full Flower Moon. Again taken in the early evening in the eastern sky

Dawn Moon on 365 Project

99% Waning Gibbous. This time the photo was taken at dawn in the western sky. I wonder if the decrease in colour and clarity is as a result of city smog to the west. (We live on the coast, so we have lovely clear fresh air to the east).

Then of course, there was deck progress (even further along today).
The deck goes on on 365 Project

and food:
cranappleicecream on 365 Project

There was also a superb B&W photo of Miss K which I won’t post here (but posted on FB).

Looking back over my photos from the past year, I love how my skills have so obviously improved and my knowledge of ISO aperture, exposure … and how to use a bloody tripod properly … has grown.

What about you … do you enjoy the task of trying to get a better shot or are you more of a happy snapper? (Says she who is a bit of both).


7 thoughts on “Sunday Selections #4.

  1. Honestly I am a happy snapper. I set the white balance to cloudy about three months ago so that I would have a slightly redder moonrise and I wanted to change it the other day and couldn’t remember what to do. Half the functions on the camera are a total mystery to me. I need to have a good sit down with my Nikon for Dummies book and try and absorb some of the instructions. But lately my head feels like a colander, as fast as I stuff information into my brain, other information just slides out the other side.
    thanks for the moon photos 🙂 I am ignoring the dessert one. otherwise I will have cake for lunch.

  2. Rhu says:

    You know how I love it when you talk Gibbous. 😉

  3. Kakka says:

    How do you get such amazing moon photos? They are stunning.

  4. superrelish says:

    Me, I am a happy snapper with absolutely no clues!

    Your moon photos are fantastic and I am imagining your last delicious looking photo doesn’t exist.

  5. Bush Babe says:

    Your moons rock… As does your deck… LOVE it!
    And yes, I do know the feeling. Isn’t it exciting when you start to ‘get it’??
    Awesome job.

  6. corymbia says:

    Thanks all.
    Kakka – for the moon shots, I set up the tripod, set the ISO to 100 (which didn’t make sense to me at first, but now does) and chose partial metering on a timed exposure.

  7. twogirlsformama says:

    Wow on the moon shots!!!!!
    Since I’m starving I was hypnotized by the dessert photo 🙂

    We have a fancy camera that I do not use. I use the easy one, but would like to learn the more complicated one along w/apertures as well. It’s awesome your learning so much.

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