My Nana

My Nana was the kind of Nana that everybody else wanted.

She baked every kind of confection you could name and she baked them beautifully.

She gardened.  A lot.  Her garden was like a mini botanical garden and where I first fell in love with plants.

She bought me dresses.

She insisted I wear “good” underwear.

She was very generous.

She taught me table manners.

She teased me, mercilessly.

She was ever so slightly controlling ….

…. but she was cool.

Nana liked things to be “proper”.

Church on Sundays.

Hot meal on the table for The Men by 6pm every night.

Healthy food first.

Eat your peas and carrots …. because the dessert  was going to be worth it.

Children should do their chores happily.

…and by GOD if you didn’t, she’d make up some chores.  It paid to look busy.

But she was well-loved, my Nan.

…. So many people loved her…

She was a great beauty in her youth and many men were heartbroken the day she married my Pop.  (She could be such a flirt).

My Nan - vintage photo on 365 Project

She mothered the motherless.

She fed the hungry.

…and between her and my darling Pop, nobody ever left their place hungry or without some freshly picked fruit and veges….

…. bananas, lychees, mangoes, custard apples, pecans, watermelon, strawberries, pumpkin, beans and fresh roses too.

…  and a jar of lemon butter, pickles, relish or the best damn rosella jam you’d ever tasted.

Scones, tarts, biscuits and slices were always on hand, and if you were lucky, the lightest sponge cake would almost carry you away.

and her fruit cake was beyond comparison.  It remains the best cake I have ever eaten (and I’ve eaten a lot of cake).

But Nan has been slowly giving in to her age.  She’s slid into health decline over the past 10 years or so.

After each scare (be it stroke, broken arm, ulcerated foot, dodgy ticker) she’d miraculously bounce back to health.

But not this time.

She has been slipping way from us in a more determined manner since Christmas.

She periodically forgot who we were, good some days and vague the next.

and she stopped eating.

everything except apple juice.

This morning, a rare day when she had no visitors, she quietly slipped away.

She was 94 years and 5 months old.

I miss you Nana.

I love you.


Nan on 365 Project


13 thoughts on “My Nana

  1. Karen says:

    So sorry for your loss. Your Nana sounds like an incredible woman and role model for us to try to emulate. You’ve described touching memories with the times you’ve shared with your Nana. Thank you for posting about her.

  2. twogirlsformama says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. She sounded wonderful.

  3. Sorry. She sounds like and amazing woman who had a very rich life.

  4. Bush Babe says:

    Oh – so sorry to hear this news. Of course, you have been waiting for it as only those who love someone who has lived such a full and worthwhile life can wait. She sounds a LOT like my Grandma, who left this mortal earth a decade ago. Trust me when I say that yours (like mine) will live on happy and strong (and ever so slightly controlling) through the memories they shared with those who loved them so.

    Big hugs. ♥

  5. Liz says:

    They really were/are special, these wonderful people from that generation. They knew how to do so many things. They are called the “greatest generation” for good reason. They knew how to start with very little and make it special.

    Sending hugs and thinking of you and your Nan’s family xxx

  6. Chookie says:

    I am so sorry. What a wonderful lady.

  7. cancerwidow says:

    A beautiful tribute for your much-loved Nana. Hugs.

  8. Love you sweetie.

    I adored my nanna. She was an amazing woman. Completely different to yours, but awesome just the same.

    Sending you all my love.

  9. My Nan is 87. The loss of Pop in 2008 and then Mum in 2009 knocked her about a bit and she was very vague there for a while. Very vague. Nan used to make me a simple sponge cake for my birthday, it is still to this day the best cake I have eaten. Nan’s rock. I am sorry you have lost your Nana.

  10. […] in town, I was OK.  I carried out the Bible reading as requested by Nan and then shared some memories on behalf of myself and brother […]

  11. So sorry for your loss. So happy that you have the positive memories to hug.

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