Sunday Selections

So I’m going to try and start posting more here … trying to get a bit of the old me back…. and I saw Frogpondsrock had a post on photography and I thought I’d join in….

Here are some pics of things in my backyard:
Red Rocket on 365 Project

push-me-pull-you on 365 Project

Backyard: Pumpkin harvest and chooks (including one with it's head up it's own a...) on 365 Project

small wonders on 365 Project

springs on 365 Project

These are all from my 365 project which I am *loving*.

I hope you like them too….




My Nana

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My Nana was the kind of Nana that everybody else wanted. She baked every kind of confection you could name and she baked them beautifully. She gardened.  A lot.  Her garden was like a mini botanical garden and where I first fell in love with plants. She bought me dresses. She insisted I wear “good” […]