One year in hell

Angel of Grief

Image by tkksummers via Flickr

I cannot believe that it has been a year since you died.

I like to think that I feel like I might have imagined feeling like on Day 1, Before I knew what true grief is.

….The way people trivialise grief and know how they’d feel if such a thing happened to them.

So it’s taken me a year to get here and I have to say that my mental health is OK at the moment.

I am not majorly depressed.

I wish I could grab people and give them a taste of today end tell them that this crushing sadness, this devastation, this fear, this loneliness  is actually *lighter* than I’ve felt in months.

Let them understand that there is no way of knowing how you’d handle such grief until you have to live it.

Every day.

Forever more.

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