I feel like MacGyver…

I’ve fashioned an elaborate drainage system from a hose, a tap fitting and a bucket.

I may have mentioned that its been raining a lot around here on my other blog.

I may have mentioned that the rain soaked into the ground, and then that groundwater seeped into our garage and made my life hell for the past week.

I may have mentioned that I’m slowly going insane trying to keep the water out of my house.

and I may have mentioned that the worst part was that Greg wasn’t here to fix this for me.

This is definitely what I call a “boy job” and it’s like a slap in the face  when I come across any new boy job when my boy isn’t here to help me.

But I’m also proud of myself for working out a solution to the problem, albeit a temporary one.

I’m proud that I didn’t keep sitting in the garage, crying over the expanding puddle of water.

I’m proud that I got up, cleaned up the mess and kept going when all I wanted was a warm bath and a glass of something to drown my sorrows in.

I’m proud that I engaged my brain and worked this out myself.

So yeah, I do feel a bit like MacGyver today….


13 thoughts on “I feel like MacGyver…

  1. Jayne says:

    Good on you.
    Greg is there, guiding you (((hugs)))

  2. Aprill says:

    Good job! You make a better MacGyver than the Simpsons version. 😉

  3. leechbabe says:

    I’m very impressed and proud if you also.

  4. Lynda M O says:

    Right on, Amanda, awe-inspiring to my way of looking. OO does all that stuff too; I can only imagine the feelings….

  5. Rhu says:

    Woman, you put me to shame.

  6. magikquilter says:

    well done….been following along on my reader and facebook. you are awesome! its amazing what boy’s jobs girls can do if they have to. look at all the women in world war two who took on the boys jobs.

    i wish they did not have to then but am awfully proud of them and especially of you amanda. somedays it might feel better to stay in bed [as they say some of the chile miners did in the first 17 days] with the covers over our heads but know about you having children who look to you.

    but…now not only are you everything to them…you have a chance to show them your namesake…can you get it on tv?…if not i can tape it on foxtel and send it to you!

    hope this comes across as it meant to…am awfully proud of you!

  7. I’m proud of you, too!

  8. Missy Boo says:

    Excellent job, Ms Fix-it 😉

  9. Yeah, I did read something about a spot of water. I hate that you have to learn to do all these things because if you didn’t … But well done for sorting it. Aren’t you guy due a summer round about now?

  10. twangy says:

    That is some inspired and heroic drain-making – the elements don’t know who they’re messing with, eh?

  11. Bush Babe says:

    AS Dash says: I am SO proud at you!
    Been feeling your pain (vicariously) through the ‘other’ blog. Sending virtual hugs and real kudos for inspiration!

  12. Bush Babe says:

    Hey… you’ve had a makeover!!

  13. Ruby says:

    Yes -your blog is still working! You should feel proud. You did well in what must have been a tough situation! Well done, A

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