2nd Blogiversary

was on September 16.

I’m not surprised that I missed it.

So much has changed since I started this little blog, but blogging  (and my bloggy friends) has been a bit of a balm for my soul, especially for the past 7 months.

Thank you all for staying with me, following me over to my other blog and generally just “being there” for me.

I really appreciate each and every one of you, from the lurkers (seriously  say hello – I don’t bite) to those lovely people who have become my “friends in my computer”.

thank you

I love you.



8 thoughts on “2nd Blogiversary

  1. Jayne says:

    Been a pleasure and look forward to many more years of your blogging 🙂 xxx

  2. Lynda M O says:

    Getting to know you and your kids has been a high point of this (northern hemisphere’s) summer. Thanks for sharing and being so kind to me.

  3. corymbia says:

    You are a gem.

  4. twangy says:

    Many happy returns of the day!
    So happy we “met”.

  5. Has it only been two years?!

    Whenever I read your Dear Darl (which I feel a bit like I am intruding a bit so don’t comment) I’m always astounded at how well you are doing. I know it has been tough and you have numerous down moments, but you are an incredibly brave strong woman. (Which I know can annoy people because they don’t think they have a lot of choice about whether they are brave or not, but you do, and you are.)


  6. Missy Boo says:

    Happy 2nd Blogiversary (wishing you many more) 🙂
    Like WFI I don’t like to comment over at Dear Darl – I feel its your space, but I am amazed but your brave and strong spirit, and am glad you’re sharing with us.


  7. Rhu says:

    You know I love you too, right? 🙂 x

  8. Bush Babe says:

    Happy belated blogiversary… so glad I could be around when the chips were down. You are one inspiring cookie – even when I know its the very last thing you wanted to have to be!
    Hugs as always

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