me and my dodgy camera bag

Well….. Secret Agent Mama is hosting a camera bag giveaway … and well … I *love* bags AND I love my camera so I’m entering.

I haven’t got a snowflakes’ chance of winning, but it makes  a nice change from all the grief posts I’ve been sending of late.

I’ve long drooled over the  “Lola” camera bag by Epiphanie, but she is giving away a lovely Kelly Moore bag, this one being my favourite.

Anyhoo … here is my self portrait with my dodgy black camera backpack in the background  and dodgy widow in the foreground (sorry  – I only have the one camera now and it’s hard to take a photo of myself with my camera in the photo so I had to settle for the bag .. I suppose I could have left my specs on and the camera may have been reflected in them but I’m afraid I’m just not that technical)….

There you have it.