me and my dodgy camera bag

Well….. Secret Agent Mama is hosting a camera bag giveaway … and well … I *love* bags AND I love my camera so I’m entering.

I haven’t got a snowflakes’ chance of winning, but it makes  a nice change from all the grief posts I’ve been sending of late.

I’ve long drooled over the  “Lola” camera bag by Epiphanie, but she is giving away a lovely Kelly Moore bag, this one being my favourite.

Anyhoo … here is my self portrait with my dodgy black camera backpack in the background  and dodgy widow in the foreground (sorry  – I only have the one camera now and it’s hard to take a photo of myself with my camera in the photo so I had to settle for the bag .. I suppose I could have left my specs on and the camera may have been reflected in them but I’m afraid I’m just not that technical)….

There you have it.


No seriously

why is my life so fucked?

Every frigging thing is going pear-shaped today.  Everything.

I’ve been in tears more times than I can count.

I am fucking over the shit getting chucked my way.

I’m OVER it I tell you.  Stop already.

Please can something go my way? Please?