Teacher Rating…

= “Outstanding”

I rang district office this morning.  I’m a little miffed that they haven’t sent me any work nor given any feedback on my interview last year (graduates are interviewed and given a suitability rating for potential employability with government schools).

The first lady I spoke with was very negative about finding ANY work in this city.   She was the primary teacher coordinator and (very nicely) explained that work was very hard to come by unless you live in a rural area.


Then she put me through to the lovely ‘Mia’  in the secondary section who not only revealed my ranking  (I’m sure you already know that you are outstanding – that’s higher than an S1 rating you know”  … umm … no I didn’t Mia, but thanks for telling me), but also started to actually *help* me better my prospects by changing a few details on my application and “adding me to her list to give district schools”.

I’m hoping something comes of this … fingers crossed!


Either way,  really I’m happy about my rating 🙂 🙂 🙂


Update: Just got a call back from “Mia” .  Contract at a nearly-local high school starting Monday!  Yay ….and eeep!


13 thoughts on “Teacher Rating…

  1. Kin says:

    Well done!

    And you just prompted me to go check mine – I got a High Performing (6), which I am more than happy with. It’s very tough to get an outsanding I understand, so you should be very chuffed with yourself.

  2. Jayne says:

    Of course you’re ‘outstanding’, you’re our preferred teacher in Blogville 🙂

  3. Chookie says:

    Congratulations again!!!

  4. Missy Boo says:

    Excellent news *she says bowing to the OUTSTANDING one* 🙂

  5. Way to go….am thrilled for you!!!!

  6. Karen says:

    That’s wonderful! Good luck to you!

  7. I have a sneaking suspicion you might have an aptitude for this teaching lark.

    What happened to swanky girls’ school?

  8. Kelley says:


  9. jeanie says:

    That is fantastic news!!

  10. leechbabe says:

    I’m so excited for you. I hope it turns out very successfully 🙂

  11. Bush Babe says:

    OOOoooohhhh!!!! Exciting… you’ll do amazing, I am sure!

  12. debby says:

    Well, Swanky Girls School missed out, that’s for sure. Congratulations!

  13. Dan says:


    I’m rated as “why does that guy keep turning up” at my work.

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