Early birthday present….

I am a lucky woman.

I have a Big Number birthday looming on the horizon and my gorgeous hubby asked me what I’d like.

I thought about it for a bit….

Jewelry? …nah – I don’t wear much and I make my own beaded necklaces and earings.

We need a new microwave …. but frankly that just won’t cut it in the birthday stakes.

Dare I ask for the digital SLR camera I have coveted for the past 5 years???  I decided that it was really what I wanted, but I knew we couldn’t afford one… but I told Mr Fixit anyway.

“Hmmm” he said, ” …. the sugly isters have almost bled us dry, but we are a thrifty* family.  I’ll see what I can do “.

To cut a long story short, after a month or two of research and watching prices on eBay he came up with a bargain (courtesy of  a friend): a Canon EOS 400d with *three* lenses (Zoom EF 75-300mm = !!! + Canon EFS 18-55mm = versatile + Canon EF 50mm=gorgeous), associated paraphernalia (including a new camera day-backpack AND hard carry case, filters, hoods, remotes, spare batteries and chargers etc)  for about a *quarter* of the retail price (YAY).

He was so happy with himself he couldn’t wait another month to show me, so during *his* birthday dinner on the weekend, he gave it to me 🙂

My Facebook friends have been inflicted delighted with my photos to date, and while its much harder to upload photos on my blog, here are a few:

(Crested pigeon wing detail)

(Our beautiful environmental weed)

(*My* anodised cups – guess which is my favourite colour:)

Of course I took heaps of my kids and hubby too – very happy with the results!  So much more “atmosphere” than the point and shoot camera we had.

So now I have some questions for the photographers out there:

How do you edit photos?  Photoshop?  Is it worth it?

How do you store your photos? Flickr? External Hard Drive? Other?

Where do you go for inspiration? Tips and tricks?

I’m learning as I go, so all decent tips, tricks, links etc appreciated 🙂


*I should point out  that Mr Fixit seems to be able to make almost anything appear from thin air …. he salvages a lot of  “junk” and can build almost anything.  Much of our furniture is second-hand and our fridges and washing machine were salvaged and repaired from road-side clean-up (and he fixed both for under $40).  When our second child was born when our eldest was barely 2, he made a toddler seat to fit our existing pram.  He does all mechanical repairs on the cars.  He is a bit of an all-round wonder and I know I’m a very lucky girl in many ways 🙂 … and no, he doesn’t read my blog.


9 thoughts on “Early birthday present….

  1. Bush Babe says:

    1. I edit in photoshop. I love it. Photo Elements is acceptable. Be warned though – it is quite addictive but the results are so worth it!

    2. I put up my blog images into Flickr and then paste the code from there into my blog post HTML – works a treat. I save to external hardrive – I’d be on my 1000th main hard drive otherise…

    3. I look outside mostly, but I love the relaxed nature of Pioneer Woman’s Photography assignments – I have only had one pic selected but that doesn’t matter – seeing what everyone else can do is incredible. And inspiring.

    Main thing? Play and have fun. You will be amazed what you learn over the next few months!!!

  2. corymbia says:

    Ta BB & Missy Boo. I think I’ve already convinced myself to buy Photoshop. …the student version though, ’cause $!$!$! (The student version seems to be under $200 and I still have my trusted student card which is valid for another month) Even sliding the colour intensity bar on MS Office picture manager is fun (but not with shots of people). Hubby is in the process of networking an older computer box as ” photo storage” (yet another salvage) … and I am having So. Much. Fun. with it. …I’m getting much better at changing the lens over now too 🙂
    Can’t wait to tke it to our farm now – so many shots I want to re-take there 🙂

    Debby – some blokes are completely amazing at what they can make/ fix. I s’pose we Mum’s could be viewd as pretty amazing for being able to make a meal out of almost anything too!

    Jeanie – You made me laugh!

    Jayne – You’d totally rock an SLR 🙂

  3. Missy Boo says:

    I’m learning too – it’s a slow process!
    1. I edit in photoshop (picked up a new in box extended CS3 on eBay for under $200). Learning photoshop is time consuming and can be soul destroying 😉
    2. I use an external hard drive for storing otherwise my computer would be more overloaded than it already is. One day when I have time might upload them all to Flickr as another a back-up option though!!!
    3. When you find tips, tricks and inspiration, will you please share them?

    One tip – I use Windows Live Writer to post to my blog. At the click of an icon, my photos attach perfectly. You can resize, crop, watermark and do some basic editing, and preview them as they would look on your blog. I got that tip from a ‘professional’

    Can’t wait to see your creativity unfold 🙂

  4. debby says:

    Oooh. I’m married to a clever fix it guy too. Isn’t it the best? Really, they can do just about anything.

  5. jeanie says:

    Congratulations – and I can’t believe you have fit so much into 21 years!

    I have no advice regarding photography – I am very much a point and click girl…

  6. Jayne says:

    Ahh, was about to suggest an external drive or old pc no longer in use, your hubby is a clever clogs 🙂
    Loving the photos, Amanda, now you and BB have got me contemplating a digital SLR lol.

  7. Chookie says:

    What a great present! I think our camera is pretty much the same as yours. Problem is that I’m a point-and-click person. All the buttons Confuse Me.

  8. leechbabe says:

    Congratulations that is an awesome gift 🙂

    Choice computer magazine had some great tips on data storage recently, might be available through their website – I can’t find the magazine in our house so assume it has been taken to hubbys work.

  9. Rhu says:

    I’d love photo shop but can’t justify the cost. Happy Birthday to you and congrats on the outstanding 🙂

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