Sir Ken Robinson should be knighted … oh wait…

he already is.

This man is a legend in education. He believes in fostering creativity and natural talent in children over simply valuing academic skills such as language and maths … which is not to say he doesn’t value those things, rather that each person should be encouraged to explore their natural talent, be it art, music, or differential calculus.

I think his ideas are spot-on however, I hadn’t realised just what a born entertainer this man is.    Enjoy:

I know some of you will see the youtube link and the fact that its 20 minutes in length, but it’s so worth the time – not only does Sir Ken explore his ideas for a creativity revolution in education but he is a natural-born comedian.  Seriously, he could make money on the comedy circuit any day … perhaps his superb wit is really his natural talent.


5 thoughts on “Sir Ken Robinson should be knighted … oh wait…

  1. Jayne says:

    Very clever and entertaining!
    I like his ideas and sentiments towards education, one size does not fit all 🙂
    Only one niggle with him – ADHD was recognised in 1906, not ‘invented’ after 1930-something 😉

  2. Chookie says:

    Came across this a while back through work. Wouldn’t you love to sit down and have a chat with him!

  3. That was fantastic.

    I work in an art college where creativity is prized above everything else, and the first thing the tutors need to do is uneducate their students!

  4. corymbia says:

    Jayne – Good point, although I took his meaning as labeling children can limit them.
    Chookie – I saw him on the 7:30 report a while back (and our Arts lecturer quoted him a fair bit), but I’d never seen him this funny 🙂
    WFI – I think he’s rather famous for prizing creativity and the arts as the *core* subject for all students … in as much kids need to be able to say “I’m good at dancing” and be as equally accepted as someone who is a football player. Ironically, when I grew up it was one’s sporting prowess that impacted the grade the teacher gave you for almost everything else.

  5. hamb says:

    He thinks diffrent. That’s what the world wants.

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