Finally, the phone has started ringing…

I’ve had my shiny piece of paper and my official piece of paper (ie the ones  that say I can get paid to teach the young of Australia) for a few months now … not so useful over the six-week summer holiday, but I had them none-the-less.

I knew I was holding my options back a bit when I ticked that I would only work within easy distance of where I live on my teaching job application form (I’ve already done country service for the Qld government and it really doesn’t work out for us very well).  I also ticked the “part time” preference box as I thought I’d need to be “around” as my baby boy settled into school (I needn’t have worried – he all but shoved me out the door on his second day of school … after he built the prison that is).

So I didn’t get a job offer this year.  I’m OK with that.  Especially given that only 10% of education graduates got jobs this year (‘onya Qld government for again showing a complete lack of forward planning and organisation on that score).


I’m OVER everybody asking if I’ve “got work yet” then smiling sympathetically when I say “no”.  I’ve even started adding that I not only graduated with distinction but I  topped my course and got an award and that not many graduates got jobs this year, in order to combat the unwanted sympathy.

I’ve had a week and a half of unwanted sympathy and I’m OVER it. *I* know why I *needed* to be around to settle my children into school and I’m happy with my decision.  *I* know why I decided to stop being a scientist (who used to get to do cool stuff in rainforests and on farms) and why I wanted to be a teacher (for a start, you get far more appreciation as a teacher).  But *they* project their own agendas onto me and don’t see that for me, My Kids Come First.  I will always put their needs on top of work.  Always.

But …. all the sympathetic smiles  started the little voice inside me that says “what if your career change isn’t going to work out?”.  I hate that voice.  That voice undermines my self-esteem and makes me feel like my IQ has plummeted.

So it was wonderful to get *three* phone calls today asking me to work at Swanky Girls School next week.  I feel like I’m off the starting blocks 🙂  I feel like my work on prac at Swanky Girls School was appreciated.

…and best of all, that stupid little voice has stopped.


…..hmmm better start looking over some maths and science stuff before next week then……


12 thoughts on “Finally, the phone has started ringing…

  1. Missy Boo says:

    Congratulations! You enjoy yourself over at Swanky Girls School 🙂

    I’m also keeping myself part-time as my daughter will always come first…

  2. Jayne says:

    Good on you, Amanda!
    Swanky Girls School have obviously become serious about investing in their students future by employing you 😉

  3. Chookie says:

    Congratulations to Swanky for making the Right Decision!!

    Oh, and you too 🙂

  4. debby says:

    Ooooh. Swanky School obviously hires only the swanky teachers! Congratulations! I’m very glad for you.

  5. corymbia says:

    thanks all – although I should point out that its only *supply* teaching (ie – when the regular teacher is away). But I think this is how I will end up with more regular local work in the long run so its all good 🙂

  6. Rhu says:

    Once you getthe supply going you’ll have a contract in no time. Theprincipals have abig say in who gets vanacies as they arise during the year, and good teachers don’t stay on he supply list long unless it’s by choice. Have fun at SGS!

  7. Karen says:

    It sounds like you’re off to a great start! Hang in there; I’m sure that it’ll all work out for you in the end, and that this part-time job is the best fit for now!

  8. Nice one. And even though it is only supply I’m sure they’ll want to keep you once they have experienced your distinctive teaching (or if nothing else if it is that swanky it’ll be great fro your cv).

    Good luck – and ignor them when they say “but our last teacher use to …”

  9. leechbabe says:

    I hope you have a fun time at swanky girls school and more phone calls start coming in 🙂

  10. Fiona says:

    Yay! Go SGS and can we send a curse on the ‘regular teacher’ or is s/he a nice one?

  11. Bush Babe says:

    I hear you on the ‘anything yet?’ queries and expectations of others. I gave up my high-falutin’ job once Dash got sick – I worked until I was 8 months pregnant then (thanks to my life choices being wrested from my hands) I simply became a ‘mum’. When I never went back, it gobsmacked many of my colleagues. Kids come first. It’s as simple as that. And while you keep making them Number One, you are doing a great job, and you need to feel good about that.

    That said, enjoy stretching your teaching wings in the new job. I am sure it’s what you are meant to do. FYI My cousin’s wife make WAY more money than most teachers round here – just by supply teaching for all the local schools.

  12. beyond says:

    That’s great news 🙂 I wish you could teach my kids. They need a nice teacher. I think they’ve had 2 nice teachers in the past 4 years.

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