First fail of 2010 … and some good news

We had a fab evening with our neighbours last night. Wine was drunk, merriment had, kids entertained.  Lovely.

…and then I woke up this morning to discover that Mr Fixit had left the freezer door ajar, necessitating a day spent cooking and re-freezing a whole heap of chicken and fish that was in there … and I hate bulk cooking.  So I guess that counts as the first fail of 2010 … but as far as a fail goes, its OK.

Onto the good news – my Dad is going from strength to strength.

I think we left the saga last when, unable to walk, pee, dress, feed without assistance, he went for an MRI on his existing brain tumour only to discover that the brain tumour was just sitting there minding its own business when a whole heap of fluid decided to surround it and start pushing on the bits of brain that help you walk, pee, dress, talk-in-a-way-that-doesn’t-make-your-family-start-to-consider-calling-the-men-in-white-coats etc.  He kept complaining that his feet were stuck to the floor, which is apparently a very common feeling in  people with hydrocephaly (along with the incontinence and dementia symptoms).

So back in November, Dad had a shunt placed in his skull to relieve the pressure.  At first, he was completely loopy.  He was telling me that a chef walked into his hospital room and offered him paella and he really wanted some but then wasn’t allowed to eat any.  He WOULD NOT have it that he saw it on Masterchef  on the tele and got a little confused.  I was a bit worried that he was waaaay worse than before.

Anyhoo … he’s since spent about a month in rehab and is walking, talking, and most importantly *peeing* without assistance and is generally back to his old self (ie grumpy … but mobile).   It hasn’t stopped him from doing dumb stuff like waiting until Mum was out shopping to decide to take a stroll around the block with his walker.

Mum and Dad are starting to venture out of the house together again … going for a coffee, to the neighbours etc.

Hopefully he’ll continue to recover and get his co-ordination and strength back.
All in all, things are looking up 🙂

7 thoughts on “First fail of 2010 … and some good news

  1. Jayne says:

    That’s fab news about your Dad! 🙂
    The waiting til your Mum’s out to walk around the block thing? All men do it, they’re convinced they’re still 21 lol.

  2. corymbia says:

    They can be sillys at the best of times hey Jayne?
    I hope *your* Dad is on the improve too.

  3. Go Dad! Excellent news.

    And hey the freezer thing must at least mean you have plenty of tasty food in the house for when you really can’t be bothered.

  4. Kelley says:

    Great news babe.

    Not the batch cooking though… *blech*

  5. Chookie says:

    Great news about your Dad! And I’m glad you’ve got all that food cooked and back in the freezer, too — it’ll be very handy.

  6. leechbabe says:

    Great news about your Dad 😀

    I hate the batch cooking thing with the freezer too. It happens more than I’d care to admit at our place because husband keeps putting computer stuff on top of the freezer and the cables block the door from shutting. I double and triple check it often. Sadly husband and children just don’t care so much.

  7. MissyBoo says:

    Oh that’s great news about your dad! May he continue to get grumpier and healthier 😉

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