So we visited Santa today…

.. and Miss K, my 7 year old sits on his lap and Santa asks her what she would like for Christmas:
“Oh Santa, I’d really love it if you could please bring me a chameleon.”

Santa gave me a sidelong glance and muttered something about checking with me first, but Miss K assured him that I was cool with pets.

Other parents were laughing and making FAR TOO BLATANT comments about how Santa was gonna have a hard time with that one (really people – watch what you say in front of Santa – he gets offended if you imply that he delegates some of the gift-giving to parents).


On the way home I’m rounding a corner when I spy a blue-tongue lizard waddling across the road. Now you know how much I worry when I see native wildlife in harms way.

Its past the point of being able to stop safely so I pray that the thing stays still and dodge it before pulling over.  Thankfully it waddled to the middle of the road and stopped so I was able to do a fairly good impression of a large bird and scare it back into the garden of a nearby house.

…and all the while I’m thinking:  “Dammit Santa – she said *chameleon*, not blue tongue!!


4 thoughts on “So we visited Santa today…

  1. MissyBoo says:

    So where does Santa purchase a chameleon from? 🙂

  2. Couldn’t you have put it in a sack, taken it home and told her chameleons change shape as well as colour? No? Oh well worth a try.

  3. Jayne says:

    If you were in Melb I’d suggest you take her to the Melb Museum where they’ve had a couple on display in the Discovery Centre for a while. Cute green bug eyed critters you want to just cuddle up and take home to gobble up any rude flying insect that wanders inside….

  4. Chookie says:

    Gorgeous story!

    Do you think you have a budding herpetologist there?

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