All I want for Christmas ….

is for the husband to get the job he just applied for. It’s work he’d be completely awesome at, close to home, and double his current salary.
He likes his current work well enough, but his boss is a complete nightmare. The boss has zero people skills. I mean absolutely zero. The boss’s views on acceptable work conditions are draconian (he takes unpaid overtime to a whole new level and his complete lack of care for his employees is appalling … when hubby’s parents died, he expected him at work before and after the funeral, despite the fact that the funerals were held 3 hours drive away.) His small talk consists of quipping about his employees as being “lazy bastards” … usually said as they are working out the front door about 2 hours after scheduled knock-off time. He never ever gives complements, only demands.

Anyway, I’m hoping that hubby gets this fantastic new job … and could use any spare internetz job vibes 🙂



He didn’t get past stage 3 of the interview process: their loss.  We are taking the view that this was not the right job for him and that something better will come along.


7 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas ….

  1. leechbabe says:

    Sending job vibes.

  2. Tell you what, swap you. I’ll give you job vibes, you send pregnancy vibes over to Blighty and we’ll both have a brilliant Christmas!

  3. Jayne says:

    Fingers and toes crossed, sending good employment vibes up the coast to you both!

  4. corymbia says:

    Vibes gratefully accepted.

    …and WFI, I’ve been sending you vibes all year… BUT if you read my comment on your last blog post, you’ll see I’ve raised you goosebumps and a 2ww Testing Date of Awesome 🙂

  5. Chookie says:

    Best wishes to hubby, and boo-hiss to the current boss!

  6. jeanie says:

    Oh my – what a horrible, horrible boss – I do hope your hubby gets his dream job.

  7. MissyBoo says:

    Hubby’s boss sounds hideous. Lots of good luck vibes that he gets the new job

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