Goodbye 2009

Don’t let the door hit you in the bum on your way out.


So we visited Santa today…

.. and Miss K, my 7 year old sits on his lap and Santa asks her what she would like for Christmas:
“Oh Santa, I’d really love it if you could please bring me a chameleon.”

Santa gave me a sidelong glance and muttered something about checking with me first, but Miss K assured him that I was cool with pets.

Other parents were laughing and making FAR TOO BLATANT comments about how Santa was gonna have a hard time with that one (really people – watch what you say in front of Santa – he gets offended if you imply that he delegates some of the gift-giving to parents).


On the way home I’m rounding a corner when I spy a blue-tongue lizard waddling across the road. Now you know how much I worry when I see native wildlife in harms way.

Its past the point of being able to stop safely so I pray that the thing stays still and dodge it before pulling over.  Thankfully it waddled to the middle of the road and stopped so I was able to do a fairly good impression of a large bird and scare it back into the garden of a nearby house.

…and all the while I’m thinking:  “Dammit Santa – she said *chameleon*, not blue tongue!!

All I want for Christmas ….

is for the husband to get the job he just applied for. It’s work he’d be completely awesome at, close to home, and double his current salary.
He likes his current work well enough, but his boss is a complete nightmare. The boss has zero people skills. I mean absolutely zero. The boss’s views on acceptable work conditions are draconian (he takes unpaid overtime to a whole new level and his complete lack of care for his employees is appalling … when hubby’s parents died, he expected him at work before and after the funeral, despite the fact that the funerals were held 3 hours drive away.) His small talk consists of quipping about his employees as being “lazy bastards” … usually said as they are working out the front door about 2 hours after scheduled knock-off time. He never ever gives complements, only demands.

Anyway, I’m hoping that hubby gets this fantastic new job … and could use any spare internetz job vibes 🙂



He didn’t get past stage 3 of the interview process: their loss.  We are taking the view that this was not the right job for him and that something better will come along.

The final results are in…

It seems my response to NaPoBloMoDoReMe … thing was to post a single post for the entire month of November.  Sorry ’bout that …
Not to worry – I’m back and am now on holidays having finished my teaching prac with outstanding results (yay me).  It seems my supervisors saved all their glowing comments for the final report … lest my head swell to gigantic proportions whilst still on prac.

One of the sweetest things was having one of my students come up to me at a completely unrelated event a week or so after prac and thank me profusely for teaching her science that term.

Actually, I am feeling pretty chuffed with my final course result – straight 7s (High Distinctions) this semester and I’ll graduate with distinction. Two of my assignments are being used as exemplars for future education students.  Given the amount of crap the universe has chucked at my family this year, I’m feeling pretty bloody good about myself 🙂
I also suspect I have won the Middle Years of Schooling Association Award for outstanding achievement … but am not entirely sure as their e-mail inviting me to the awards night read: “I am pleased to advise that as a result of your outstanding achievement in your course that you have been nominated to receive the Middle Years of Schooling Association Award.”  I guess I’ll find out soon enough:  graduation is next Monday and the awards night is on Tuesday.

Mind you – I’d be happy enough just to secure a job in a local school. I’ve chatted to a few local schools about doing supply next year and they seem interested but seem to have plenty of teachers available.

In other news, Dad had a shunt put in his head about a week ago (his tumour had not grown, but it was encased in a fluid sack which was pushing on the bits of brain that help you walk, pee and talk without confusing reality with imagination). So far it’s looking like it has done the magic trick …. he’s currently in a rehab unit learning to walk and pee on cue again, but so far so good.  He manages to walk around with a walker and line himself up with chairs and doorways now and he doesn’t have to think HOW to walk anymore.  Another week of therapy and we hope he’ll be running the marathon.
Oh ..and another thing. ….

We’ve just come back from a glorious week at Bribie Island  where I managed to embarass impress my children each day with my boogie-boarding prowess.  We built sandcastles (enormous ones), some in the shape of pyramids, we caught pipis, the kids terrorised local walkers and cyclists rode their bikes along the bike paths, and we walked and walked and walked along the (mostly) gorgeous beaches.  It was a lovely holiday  🙂



#1:  I did win the Middle Years of Schooling Association Award – which basically means I topped my course 🙂  Nice little drinks and nibbles ceremony with students who got medals in their Bachelors degrees and who completed outstanding Masters courses in education.

#2: Dad is home and getting himself around the house quite well … so much better than before.  He is also rediscovered his love of whinging and is driving us all mad with his tales of how awful hospital was.  <—–This is how we know he is well.