two more weeks

I’m nearly there, but am at the point where I just want it to end.

My interim report was better than I thought (based on the odd feedback I was getting – no positive, just Stuff To Work On).  Quiet good really, all things considered (like trying to interpret man-speak for so many things).  Apparently I’m not providing interesting enough experiences … but every time I try something, it gets boy-ified (and I’m teaching at a girl’s school) by the teacher.

I try to demonstrate concepts using objects the girls have seen before and have some idea about ….

Like showing how a ball rolling down a slope will accelerate due to the force of gravity which was bastardised to involve toy cars and ticker-timers (WTF are they you say?  so did most of the girls which meant that they kinda missed the concept of acceleration).

Like – Kinetic energy to sound energy – I had a lovely little music box where you turn the key, see the spring tighten inside, then unwind and turn the little drum with raised lumps which brush against the tines and then hear a little tune (look in a music box and you’ll see what I mean).  Noooo much easier to demonstrate a transformation to sound energy using a radio That You Can’t See The Workings Of.  Apparently.


Other teachers at the school have been great.  I got to do a day of supply teaching (unpaid and being observed by the paid supply teachers / other teachers from within the school) and got loads of great feedback.  At least this gave me the confidence that I *am* “getting it…. which to be fair, was fairly clear on my report but after 3 weeks of “your board writing skills need to be clearer / neater/ faster/ more / less” and “no students may ever make any noise whatsoever when you are teaching. It’s OK for them to do this when I am teaching though as I do not observe this”.  Ok, he didn’t say that last bit but it’s true …

and Dad has been pretty crook.  Not sure why, but he can’t seem to get his legs working properly.  He’s having another MRI for his acoustic neuroma on Wednesday and they’ll check to see if he’s had a small stroke at the same time.  BUT given that if hes well rested, he can walk OK, to me it seems to variable to be a stroke.  I suspect he may have some sort of lingering effects from the pneumonia in June.

well, its been another barrel of laughs from me, but I’m feeling OK really, despite the tone of this post.

I mean less than 3 weeks to go now and I’ll be DONE.  I just need to get through the next few weeks…..