5 weeks to go

If I wasn’t being graded on this whole teaching prac thing, I’d be enjoying myself immensely.

But as I’m being graded, I’m a nervous wreck.

Mind you, my science supervisor has said that in order to fail at this point, I’d have to have a catastropic failure of safety in the lab or fail to get the students to pay attention. He said he’s down to picking on minute things I can improve on …. already. I’m taking this as a good sign, but trying to make sure my bases are covered.

As for maths though … I’ve got the support class. Its surprising just how much support they need. For example, I had a pictrue on the board (which they also had in front of them), pointed to the point that was highest on the page (we were looking at a line graph) and asked the girls to do the same. Quite a few of them had trouble locating the highest point.
I *think* I got through to them on Friday … but they’ll have forgotten this by the next time I see them.

I just hope I can reach them better this week.


Prac starts tomorrow

… so wish me luck.

I have to negotiate 6 weeks of mind reading what my supervisor wants teaching, hoping I pass, and then I will be officially let loose on the minds of 8-15 year old Australians and paid for the privilege.

I’ve written a plan to cover forces and energy for year 8 science thats OK – it doesn’t rock, but its to their plan, and I’ve half written a maths unit on linear equations and financial decisions (not that they are particularly well related, more that this is what’s left to cover before the exam).

So this blog will be quieter than usual I expect (or alternatively I could pour out my angst here – who knows).

But I’ll be reading your blogs and wishing good things for all of you.  Especially you and you ’cause I know you have a lot of stuff going on right now.