In perspective

You know those days when you’re all “my life is soooo sucky right now” and feeling a bit sooky?
I was having one of those days yesterday (assignments due, crap day at school, snot pouring from my nose, kids continutally fighting or making *that* noise that goes through you like a dose of salt, sister-in-laws coming close to having a Will and their written request for more  blood money manually shoved up their ar$es … you know the drill).

Then reality hit me with a thud when I heard that the fourteen year old daughter of one of the teachers at my daughter’s school had succumbed to her 11 week battle with adult leukemia and died.  She was a gorgeous, lovely, bright, friendly kid.  She went into hospital with swine-flu-like symptoms  in June and walked out with a diagnosis of adult leukemia, suffered chemotherapy, a fungal infection which took away her power of speech and ultimately a stroke which killed her.

I found out she had died at morning tea and then had to go and teach a class of fourteen year old girls.

It kinda puts your life in perspective real fast.

Life is precious.


5 thoughts on “In perspective

  1. Kelley says:

    It sucks when it takes something like that to make you realise what you Do have.

    I have been guilty of the ‘why me’s of late. Eleven weeks… Wow.

  2. MissyBoo says:

    That is very sucky! But you are allowed to have those days occasionally

  3. rhubarb says:

    Oh crap, Sorry to hear the news, it really makes my head shake. Hugs.

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