That’s me.

I just got my first assignment for semester 2 back in the mail.  Then I tried to ring my Husband who isn’t answering his *&&^%phone.  Then I tried to ring Mum and forgot she was out for the day.  Then I got flustered because there weren’t really any other people IRL that I could legitimately call and say :

Fuck I’m Good.  Just Ask Me.

(well not that I could say that to either of them anyway without them chiding me on the first word).

…and yeah – my rl friends probably are interested, but not so interested that I’d need to call them in the middle of the day to tell them my news.

So this is what I just posted on FB and I repost here … because I feel like I can bloody fly right now (with only the merest hint of caffeine in my system and despite having both sinuses clogged with snot … TMI?):

OMG!!! I have to tell someone this and bloody husband won’t answer his phone: I have just done the *perfect* assignment….in *sociology*. Colour me incredulous…. and ecstatic

….and when I say perfect, I mean *perfect* …as in a 7  (high distinction – the best it gets), ticks all over the place and the comment from the lecturer:
Excellent, Amanda!
You’re undoubtedly keen to teach …. have you thought about a higher degree in Education next year (e.g. M. Ed research) – you can always ‘supply’ teach and you would get tutoring at QUT.
Regards, P.”

…I’m at the point of fainting in relief as I have been bitching and moaning about this subject all semester.

…and as for the M. Ed. …… errr .. no thanks P. I’ve spent far too much of my life in academia already.

But thanks for asking.

Makes a girl feel AWESOME!!


6 thoughts on “AWESOME

  1. Chookie says:

    A HD in Sociology? I didn’t even think it was possible! Congratulations!

  2. Yeah, that’s ok.

    I suppose.

    Ok it is bloody brilliant, your hard work has paid off bucket loads. Congratulations, go tell your ‘clever’ mate!

    And get yourself out celebrating with a swanky dinner or something – I’d offer to babysit if i wasn’t the other side of the world.

  3. you are truly awesome and isn’t that the way with husband’s you can’t get hold of them when you have good news but when you are pissed or grouchy….they are soooo easy to find…poor things.

    congratulations you put the awe into awesome!

  4. MissyBoo says:

    You truly are FIG JAM! Well Done 🙂

  5. leechbabe says:

    Congratulations, that is pretty damn awesome.

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