Damn Nestle and the horse they rode in on

No, this isn’t a rant about Nestle’s notoriously aggressive and inappropriate marketing of baby formula….

Nooo … now the buggers have gone too far: they messed with my breakfast cereal.

My beloved anti-oxidant lift cereal with all those delightful cranberries and blueberries is now “new and improved” …and noticeably less cranberry/blueberryish and there’s also less of it for the same price as the buggers have managed to make the package look pretty similar to the old one, just a fifth lighter.

Ah well, I spose the up side is that its one less nestle product that I like, so one more I can cross off my list …(have you ever tried to boycott nestle products?  There’s a lot of them to avoid).

I’m currently doing Weetbix with rolled oats, psyllium husk (did I mention the fact that I *need* the  extra fibre), LSA (linseed, soy and almond meal) and a good handful of cranberries to give it *some* flavour.  But its not quite right….

So I need some recommendations for a new favourite breakfast cereal.  I want something healthy, lots of fibre and lots of  fruit (not just sultanas – something a little more exotic please).

What’s your favourite breakfast cereal?


7 thoughts on “Damn Nestle and the horse they rode in on

  1. I don’t like milk, so don’t eat cereal. Nothing beats marmite on toast, or I guess for you lot it is vegimite.

  2. leechbabe says:

    I really like the Kellogs Mini Wheats. We just get them plain so I’ve not really looked at any other varieties.

    Hate how companies change things that you’ve really enjoyed and make it less enjoyable.

  3. Jayne says:

    I do porridge from scratch and plop in the extras as I’m stirring the pot – a little fruit or jam for flavour and sweetness, etc., also psyllium husk in the fruit juice goes down a treat 😉

  4. M & B says:

    I have tried to boycott Nestle in the past… I agree its almost impossible 🙂

    Messing with your cereal is on par with providing formula to third world countries!

    I have no cereal suggestions for you because like womb for improvement, I don’t like milk.

  5. Sad but true, I LOVE Special K with the red berries.

    Seriously. LOVE IT! Could eat it as a snack. About the only marketed diet food that I like.

  6. corymbia says:

    thanks all, might have to try me some of those suggestions. I do make porridge and add the extras and am going to check out teh Special K with berries next and also the mini wheats.
    WFI – I’m actually a promite girl but for me it’s just not a breakfast spread…. but then I do like milk.

  7. Deeleea says:

    Capitalist Bastards… I was devastated when Mr Hubbard’s cereal was removed from our shelves back to NZ from whence it came…

    Thanks for visiting Singular Scene. Very glad to make your acquaintance!

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