After seeing a FB friend’s efforts on animoto, I decided to give it a go with our wedding photos….
and am quite pleased with the results.

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Smarty-Pants club

Well, I did something that will forever mark me as a vain smart-ar$e in my own mind :
I’m now a card carrying member of my university’s smarty-pants club (OK, it isn’t actually called that, but it may as well be).

I got a letter from the uni chancellor telling me I was in the top 10% of students and was all smart and shit and that I should join this club with other students who are all smart and shit.
It goes against my nature to join such a club. (You probably don’t realise this, but you guys were the training ground for me to actually be able to say to my RL friends that I did good in first semester).
So what swayed me?
Well I’d like to say it was things like the opportunity of meeting kick-arse author Nick Earls at a function … but actually it was my hubby’s sly grin and suggestion that as a card-carrying member of club smarty-pants, I would actually have proof that I was one-up on a girlfriend of mine.
I love this girl – we’ve been friends forever, but she does have a particular talent for telling everyone how smart she is on first meeting (I know I may seem like that here, but it takes a lot for me to even use my “Dr” title on a letter in real life).  She just finished her Dip Ed last semester and is now apparently the best science teacher in Queensland (according to her).  Just once, I’d like some sort of tangible recognition that she’s not as smart as she says she is.

This goes back a long way – we did undergrad together.  To be frank, my GPA was a nice, even 6: hers was 4.  AND yet, I’ve had mutual friends say things to me like: “gee – it must have been hard doing uni with J, she’s soooo smart”.  I want to scream “but I beat her in every single subject” but I don’t because its such poor form… and yet for some reason J says some vague, non-verifiable factoid and everyone will believe her because she’s “smart” and look at me skeptically even if I *know* she’s wrong and manage to question the “factoid”.

So now I have my own little bit of 1-up-man-ship.  Yes its shallow. No, I probably won’t tell anyone in real life.  But at least I’ll know that I have official proof of my smarts if I ever need it.  Silly really….. but there it is.

Damn Nestle and the horse they rode in on

No, this isn’t a rant about Nestle’s notoriously aggressive and inappropriate marketing of baby formula….

Nooo … now the buggers have gone too far: they messed with my breakfast cereal.

My beloved anti-oxidant lift cereal with all those delightful cranberries and blueberries is now “new and improved” …and noticeably less cranberry/blueberryish and there’s also less of it for the same price as the buggers have managed to make the package look pretty similar to the old one, just a fifth lighter.

Ah well, I spose the up side is that its one less nestle product that I like, so one more I can cross off my list …(have you ever tried to boycott nestle products?  There’s a lot of them to avoid).

I’m currently doing Weetbix with rolled oats, psyllium husk (did I mention the fact that I *need* the  extra fibre), LSA (linseed, soy and almond meal) and a good handful of cranberries to give it *some* flavour.  But its not quite right….

So I need some recommendations for a new favourite breakfast cereal.  I want something healthy, lots of fibre and lots of  fruit (not just sultanas – something a little more exotic please).

What’s your favourite breakfast cereal?