Dad is out of hospy…

… not home yet though – they’ll have to wait until he’s a little better before they can fly home.
The consensus seems to be that the pneumonia was the worst of his current symptoms as he’s heaps better (and lucid) now that he’s breathing normally and his temperature is no longer hovering around 40 degrees.

But it seems he’ll arrive back to swine flu central – there are heaps of cases in local schools, but since we’ve moved past the “contain” phase with this thing here, it seems to be every man for himself.  (Officially you are meant to self-quarantine if you have swine flu, but either nobody is doing this or the testing for swine flu takes so long that you’ve infected half a dozen people before you know you’ve got it).

In fact, just this aftrnoon, my daugther’s teacher received a call from her hubby saying that he was currently sitting with their middle child in their car ourside the GPs waiting for the Doc to come out and test for swine flu.


6 thoughts on “Dad is out of hospy…

  1. Jayne says:

    Glad to hear the good news, Amanda!
    Fingers crossed he flies along the road to recovery and is 100% again in no time 🙂

  2. leechbabe says:

    That is good news. Praying for a safe and speedy recovery.

  3. Chookie says:

    Sending up a few more prayers for you. My nephew was given Tamiflu a few weeks ago because he’s under 3 and had swine flu symptoms; they don’t bother to test very young children. I would imagine your Dad would be in the same category.

  4. Fantastic news about your dad. I hope he is home proper soon.

  5. M & B says:

    Great to hear your dad is on the mend 🙂

  6. corymbia says:

    Update – Mum and Dad made it home shortly after I posted this. Dad is on the improve …especially since he’s been back in sunny Queensland.

    Thanks all for your good thoughts.

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