The final results for Semester 1 are in…

…and they aren’t too shabby.

  • Two High Distinctions (7) for maths and multiliteracies ;
  • One “SAT” or “Satisfactory” for my teaching practical which sounds rather bland but there are only two possible grades for the subject – the other being “Unsatisfactory” ; and
  • One Credit (5) for ‘Engaging Diverse Learners’ (which I apparently do better in practice than in theory .. which I can live with despite the fact that it’s ruined my GPA).

I feel like I’ve been sweating these results for weeks and I’ve no idea why … nobody really cares what your GPA is in the real world.

In other news –

  • We’ve peeked at Dad’s scan results and the good news is that they are clear (except for the brain tumour).  Dad had a bowel tumour removed last year and so far so good on that front.  We won’t know more about the brain tumour until later in the year when he has another MRI.
  • I found out why I was feeling “flat”.  It seems I have some sort of cold which seemed to borrow symptoms from the flu as well (achy everything and fevers).  I’m down to feeling just exhausted now.
    DH (Darling Husband) has been looking after me a bit which has been nice … but he really should listen to me when I’m making soup.  You have to cook the bacon, onion, garlic  and cauliflower In The Same Pot when making cauliflower soup or it just doesn’t taste right.
    The kids threw me a “get well “party” yesterday  – home made cards and balloons.  G-orgeous.

So  – anyone got any sure-fire get-rid-of-this-$#%^-cold-now cures?

I’m doing the zinc, echinaceae and Vitamin C and using Vicks “paper” rub which are working OK for the cold symptoms, but I’m needing something else for the chills and achy-breaky joints.


6 thoughts on “The final results for Semester 1 are in…

  1. Congratulations on the marks, they are excellent.

    And good as possible news about your Dad.

    If you find a cure for the cold let me know – I need it too.

  2. Chookie says:

    Paracetamol for the fever & aches, and loud cheers for those results!

  3. Jayne says:

    Well done!!!!!!!!!!
    Go the Deep Heat with Vic’s vapour rub on chest and back to beat the chest congestion and aches.

  4. Liz says:

    Well done for your great marks! You must have worked very hard to do so well.
    I hope your cold goes away soon. No suggestions beyond rest and painkillers.

  5. corymbia says:

    Thanks all – I’m pretty happy with my results … and aside from my husband, my children and my parents – you guys are the only people I’ve told … something to do with not really ever being able to say “hey everybody – look at me” IRL. But blogging seems a little different – so it was nice to tell somebody 🙂

    Oh – and in case you are wondering, I have found a great cure for the common cold…. have a good whinge about being ever so slightly ill on your blog, and then magically feel better the next day 😉

    PS – WFI – 17 degrees IS freezing when you are a Queenslander!

  6. leechbabe says:

    Congratulations on the excellent results.

    Glad to see the health problems are improving.

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