Dad is out of hospy…

… not home yet though – they’ll have to wait until he’s a little better before they can fly home.
The consensus seems to be that the pneumonia was the worst of his current symptoms as he’s heaps better (and lucid) now that he’s breathing normally and his temperature is no longer hovering around 40 degrees.

But it seems he’ll arrive back to swine flu central – there are heaps of cases in local schools, but since we’ve moved past the “contain” phase with this thing here, it seems to be every man for himself.  (Officially you are meant to self-quarantine if you have swine flu, but either nobody is doing this or the testing for swine flu takes so long that you’ve infected half a dozen people before you know you’ve got it).

In fact, just this aftrnoon, my daugther’s teacher received a call from her hubby saying that he was currently sitting with their middle child in their car ourside the GPs waiting for the Doc to come out and test for swine flu.


In typical style….

… I’m beginning a university semester with a parent in hospital. After the shocking start to last semester, I though this one would be plain sailing…. but…

Mum and Dad managed to hitch their caravan to the car,  travel 1500 km away to visit my brother in New South Wales, and enjoy a day or so to relax from the long drive.  But when Mum and my sister-in-law and kids left for their much anticipated shopping excursion to a nearby town, (leaving Dad at my brother’s house with  a good supply of tea, biscuits and the remote) …..  Dad collapsed.  They arrived home 5 hours later to find him passed out on the floor with a freezing wind blowing on him.

He’s in a regional NSW  hospital where they are pumping him full of antibiotics to fight his pneumonia (which they think caused the collapse) and now a bowel obstruction is causing problems (he had a bowel tumour removed last year and is prone to bowel obstructions as a result of scarring … he suffered an obstruction last December so he doesn’t want to go through that again).

All I can do is leave him in the care of the Drs and nurses at the hospital and pray that he’ll be OK. I can’t even visit him (well, not without a lot of organisation and a few plane tickets). Thank God my brother and his wife are there to look after him and Mum.  My brother has taken charge very effectively which I am grateful for but it’s normally my job to be the responsible one … and I hate feeling so useless.

Twilight was Twaddle

I must be the only female in Australia who wasn’t that fussed on the Twilight series of books* (warning – generalised spoilers follow).

A short version of the series for those who haven’t read the books:

Twilight (book one): Edward Cullen is a  vampire and he is hot.  Very hot. Bella Swan is a human and she is plain.  And clumsy.  Initially, Edward wants to eat Bella but decides not to (for he is vegetarian)  and they fall in lust.

New Moon: Edwards goes away.  Bella has no internal fortitude and mopes while he’s gone.  She uses another boy (Jacob Black, very tall, very hot local werewolf) to help her feel better.  He falls in love with her but she’s still pining for ol’ fang.  Bitch.  Edward is also pining and tries to kill himself but Bella arrives at the last minute. They still end up pissing off the vampire royalty who insist that Bella be turned into a vampire or she must die.  Edward is horrified but Bella wants to turn into a vampire.

Eclipse: Edward is back for good. Bella wants to get hot and heavy with him but his self-control is remarkable and …let’s face it … too unrealistic to be remotely believable. Later in the book, some vampires and werewolves kill other vampires. Bella wants to bonk Edward.  Part of her would also like to bonk Jacob.  Nobody bonks anybody.

Breaking Dawn: Edward and Bella marry and finally bonk.  Not that the reader would necessarily know.  Bella ends up pregnant so we are lead to believe that some bonking took place.  The demon-pregnancy nearly kills her so Edward turns her into a vampire.   Meanwhile Werewolf Jacob falls in love with the baby.  Apparently not in a paedophilic way. Thankgoodness there is no bonking there.

Well OK I know they were written for teenagers but ….
so far we’ve given those teenagers a “role model” whose self esteem is entirely dependant on one bloke or another and who is so self-absorbed she needs a dose of Get Over Yourself.

There’s violence aplenty and yet Meyer seems too coy to write a decent sex scene … she just entirely skips anything remotely juicy.
Now I’m not exactly a Nora Roberts fan (I hate her with a passion) but her one redeeming feature is that she can write a decent sex scene and Ms Meyer could learn a thing or two from good ol’ Nora. …and again, I get that she’s writing for a teenage market BUT she doesn’t shy away from vampires ripping each other to shreds then firebombing the bodies so why does she get all coy when her readers finally think they are gonna get something productive from all those pent-up teenage hormones?

Buffy would sooooo stake Edward.

Buffy Vs Edward (Twilight Remixed)Watch a funny movie here

The final results for Semester 1 are in…

…and they aren’t too shabby.

  • Two High Distinctions (7) for maths and multiliteracies ;
  • One “SAT” or “Satisfactory” for my teaching practical which sounds rather bland but there are only two possible grades for the subject – the other being “Unsatisfactory” ; and
  • One Credit (5) for ‘Engaging Diverse Learners’ (which I apparently do better in practice than in theory .. which I can live with despite the fact that it’s ruined my GPA).

I feel like I’ve been sweating these results for weeks and I’ve no idea why … nobody really cares what your GPA is in the real world.

In other news –

  • We’ve peeked at Dad’s scan results and the good news is that they are clear (except for the brain tumour).  Dad had a bowel tumour removed last year and so far so good on that front.  We won’t know more about the brain tumour until later in the year when he has another MRI.
  • I found out why I was feeling “flat”.  It seems I have some sort of cold which seemed to borrow symptoms from the flu as well (achy everything and fevers).  I’m down to feeling just exhausted now.
    DH (Darling Husband) has been looking after me a bit which has been nice … but he really should listen to me when I’m making soup.  You have to cook the bacon, onion, garlic  and cauliflower In The Same Pot when making cauliflower soup or it just doesn’t taste right.
    The kids threw me a “get well “party” yesterday  – home made cards and balloons.  G-orgeous.

So  – anyone got any sure-fire get-rid-of-this-$#%^-cold-now cures?

I’m doing the zinc, echinaceae and Vitamin C and using Vicks “paper” rub which are working OK for the cold symptoms, but I’m needing something else for the chills and achy-breaky joints.