I’m still here – just doing “stuff” and not posting much.

I’m still waiting for the results of my course so far – and I hate waiting.

I got a dodgy (but passing) mark in a recent assignment which I wasn’t expecting – and am a little miffed that I can get 7s for my “writing style and APA referencing” in Every Other Assignment I’ve done and yet only ranked a 5 in the current assignment … and I can’t figure out how my writing or referencing style has changed that much.

On the plus side, I feel very proud of my prac results – the reports were glowing.  This has cheered me somewhat as I imagine that my ability to actually *teach* will count for more that my ability to crap on about some educational research which I didn’t have time to do because I was *teaching* full time for about half my prac  – so much more than the recommended 1.5 hours per day we were meant to building up to, leaving no time to actually gather much data (which we didn’t have ethical permission to collect anyway).  Let’s just say that the course coordinators need a bit of a reality wake-up call on what real teaching is like as they appear to have forgotten.


The farm continues to be the bane of my existence – yet another farm motorbike has arrived home for the husband to fix while “he’s not doing anything else” (like anything that needs to be done at *our* home).

…and I’m also sooo over people *telling*me “so you’ll be moving to the farm now” like we’ve suddenly lost our marbles, decided to forsake being able to feed and clothe ourselves adequately while working our fingers to the bone for pittance for the rest of our lives.  I’ve taken to answering that statement with one of my own … “the only way the husband could get me to permanently stay at the farm would be in a pine box buried under the water tank”.  Shuts the fuckers up.

If I sound a bit flat – I am, despite not having any good reason to be… but I’ll get over it (I’m very good at  at Sucking It Up And Getting On With It).


6 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. leechbabe says:

    Hope you get a great result in your course, the practical should hopefully count for more as that is the reality of what you will be doing.

    I’d be asking those who expect you to go back to the farm if they are planning to support you financially?

  2. Ahh waiting, what is it you say:
    It Won’t Always Be Like This, Something Will Change. 😉

    Hopefully what’ll change is your qualification.

    Good luck but if it doesn’t work out sounds like you can send your days scratching out a living on the land!

  3. its okay to be fed up….you are due!

    Congrats on the prac…no surprises there

    How is dad?

  4. Jayne says:

    Well done and congratulations!
    I’m sure your overall marks will be magnificent 😉

  5. corymbia says:

    leechbabe – I’m OK about the mark. I am just a teeny-tiny-little-bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my grades.

    WFI – touche! We can both be repeating the mantra over and over during the next few weeks.
    Oh – and you are right – we can always eek out our existence at the farm 😉

    MQ – You might be right – I kept it together during the last horrid few months and it’s finally starting to show…
    Dad is OK at the moment – the more time goes on, the happier he (and we all) are with him deciding against brain surgery. He has another scan next week for a different cancer but we are hopeful it will be OK. he and Mum are even planning a big trip to NSW to visit my brother and his family which is cheering him up quite a bit.

    Ahh Jayne – thanks. Truth be told, I was hoping for straight 7s but am just sulking because I won’t have perfect grades. But Rude Awakening #234 – nobody really cares what your GPA is….

    Chookie – unfortunately QUT are smart buggers – they did their survey in mid-semester, well before prac, well before becoming unreachable to external students trying to finish off assignments, well before we really knew exactly how badly we’d be left in the lurch at the end of semester. A friend of mine has just finished her Dip Ed and has drafted a HUGE letter of complaint – due to be sent once she has her Dip Ed and QCT registration in hand….

  6. Chookie says:

    I’d love to see what you write on your course surveys, or whatever they call ’em now!

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