school cake stalls….

I am not a domestic diva.

While I can bake cakes and biscuits, I rarely do … unless its something super quick like ANZAC biscuits or date loaf because I really just can’t be bothered going to that much effort for something that we don’t really eat that much of anyway.
So it drives me completely bananas when I get the ninety-third request this term (I’m sure) for a cake for my daughter’s school.

I don’t begrudge the bakers their stall, I just wish they wouldn’t cast me side-long glances when I turn up with no cake for the stall …. again.

I know some people think its a complete doddle to whip up another confection to “help” the school, but I see it as an exercise in torture.

You see, I much prefer spending time as an unofficial teacher aide IN the classroom and helping out with maths and literacy.  Not many parents are able to do this due to lack of time, and I feel its something that I can do for the kids (and teacher – she’s tied me down for literacy groups as soon as uni finishes).

I don’t expect everyone to give up their time and help out the teacher, but at the same time, I’d like to be let off catering duty.

Maybe I’m still scarred from my failure to bake the perfect sponge in Year 8 Home Economics class, but baking just ain’t my thing.


7 thoughts on “school cake stalls….

  1. Jayne says:

    Do what I used to do – assure them you’re saving them from food poisoning lol.

  2. corymbia says:

    Jayne – LOL.

    WFI – I have doing a quick packet mix of muffins … more because I could just cut out the packet label with a list of ingredients which is the other thing you need to provide with the cake. …and yeah I think *my* talents are better spent in the classroom.

    Leechbabe – I agree. I *can* bake but it has to be when I’m in the mood.

    Chookie – LOL. You give me an idea though … perhaps I could ask them why their kid’s home reader has shown no entries for the past week … maybe they’ve planned one too many cake stalls instead …. but I don’t think I could actually say that out loud ….

    STS – I think I need that recipe. …and I want to start a worm farm and vege patch at my kids school … but I need a teacher who’ll also get interested first.

    MBT – Glad you’ve got them shaking in their boots. Having said that, I’ve seen some of the creations you whip up – don’t let the cake stall people know you can bake!

    Cooking though – I love cooking. I just don’t “do” anything that requires the use of egg beaters.

  3. I presume a bought cake would be worse than none? Sounds like what you are doing is much more useful.

  4. Leechbabe says:

    I’m so there with you. I love baking, but my baking is done on my terms, not at the demand of others.

    But I’d much rather spend my 4 hours a week helping in the classroom.

  5. Chookie says:

    Yes, a bought cake is worse than none — especially a cheap supermarket cake! They just get left on the stall (hand up who’d buy a preservative-ridden cake that’s been on a stall in the sun all day?).

    Ignore the sideways glances — gosh, are they ever short of stock? To the questioners, the correct answer is, “So you could feel better about yourself by criticising me.”

  6. Oh my I too HATE having to bake those cakes…argh! BUT i have a wicked choccie cake recipe that is all made on the stove in a suacepan and then chucked in the tin and into the oven! Quick and very moist and tasty! Chocolate always sells 🙂 I much prefer to use my time at the school tending the worm farm or vegie gardens with the kids .

  7. he he he. I work and have a kid with Autism.

    I do what I want. They are too scared to ask me! Bwaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaaa

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