So close I can almost taste it

I finished my teaching practical yesterday – and…


I got straight “excellents” on my report from my supervising teacher. She tells me its the first time she’d ever given straight “excellents” in 28 years of teaching. (me proud much?)

Too bad it will still only count as a “satisfactory” in my official results … and that’s providing I can decipher the next assignment’s requirements and write something vaguely intelligent  within the next 3 days.

Best not to count chickens before they hatch ….but I know I’ve got a 7 (high distinction) for my multiliteracies subject and am hoping for at least 6s in my other two subjects.

But I’m soooo tired (really – teaching is a very tiring job) and am quite miffed that the university boffins have the hide to ask for another 2 assignments the week following  field placement.  Don’t they know that we need to spend a week in recovery after prac?????

One more week and I’ll be a free woman … at least temporarily.

Now, can someone tell me what the “key educational issues facing teachers today” ?…. in 200 words or less…

8 thoughts on “So close I can almost taste it

  1. I can certainly do it in less than 200 words (yup, i’m that good).

    The key educational issues facing teachers today is the need to educate people. Without the requirement to teach there would be no educational need and thus no issues to face.

    No, no, you don’t need to thank me. Really.

    Great marks by the way. Congrat.

  2. Congratulations…wish i could do the assignment for you!!!! But I have no idea…there are so many issues aren’t there? And brilliant that you will be in there adding your wisdom to the mix!

  3. rhubarb says:

    I could throw parental expectation into the mix 😦
    Congrats BTW

  4. corymbia says:

    thanks WFI – I will use that 😉

    MQ – its more that I’m finding the assignment to be so ambiguous.
    Queensland College of Teachers have a requirement for such complete waffle as part of registration … and I can’t stand waffle.

    Rhubarb – one of the QCT standards is about fostering productive relationships with families and the community. Being a parent I know I value feedback from the school and I know they value my input to my children’s classrooms.

  5. Jayne says:

    Yay congrats, Amanda, that’s great!
    “key educational issues facing teachers today” = the tuckshop and the hidden junk food in lunchboxes 😉

  6. corymbia says:

    Jayne – ironic then that I’ve just done a unit on healthy, rubbish-free lunch boxes (quite amazing what happens when parents have to think about the extra packaging … which is usually around junk food)

    rhubarb – Oh – now I get what you mean 😉 Yes, I often wonder at how some parents manage to survive themselves …leave alone raise children. I find it really sad that some sts lives are Just So Awful at home.

  7. rhubarb says:

    Yes, I know. I meant it in the context that parental expectation is often way over what is included curriculum wise. Parents who want teachers to do the parenting as well as the teaching. And could you nurse, provide after school care and be available for a chat on the weekend too?

  8. Congratulations Amanda that is fantastic!!! Well done!

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