Stupidy McStupid (rant) or why I bloody well HATE rugby league.

So I’ve stopped off at the local Woollies on my way home this arvo to collect some vitals and also some nurofen for our feverish small girl and I’m going through the check out when I look up to see idiot-boy on the checkout again today.

I curse the fact that of the two available check-outs, I pick Stupidy Mc Stupid’s check out.

“Hi” I say as he starts swiping my goods through the machine.

“Whoareyagoingfor” he mumbles.

“Pardon?” I say.

“State of Origin – cockroaches or cane toads” he says.

“Oh – I don’t follow the football” I say and hope he leaves it at that.  I *really* dislike rugby league and the “charming” men who play the game.

“Why not” he says.

“Well – lets just say that I really dislike the sport in general … but you enjoy it”.

Not good enough for Stupidy Mc Stupid.  He still wasn’t picking up the fact that Rugby League is  something that I Don’t Like.  So he says “Whynot?”

So I told him:  “I really dislike the sport because a) I find it the most boring sport invented and b) find the off field behaviour of the players truly appalling and their general disrespect for women is not something I could ever support.”

Well – apparently “Shewazaskingforit” (I believe he was referring to the poor young woman who was in all probability gang raped by a team of professional footballers a few years ago … apparently unproven, but  when 19-yo girl agrees to sex with one player an it is then interpreted as an invitation for a team of players to join in seems like a fairly clear moral and ethical distinction to me, even if mature men can’t see the difference).

but I digress…

The fucking stupidy bloody stupidy mc stupid checkout bloke basically stood there, scanning my groceries and telling me that “the chick was asking for it” and went on to tell me that he’d done a “forensics” course at *high school* so he “knew” that the girl hadn’t been raped because they use *swabs* to magically tell if semen is from consensual sex or rape … or some crazy mixed up shite suggesting that he could somehow prove that the girl was  “just a slut”.

Shoulda slapped the bugger and told him he was “askingforit”.

….and am thinking of doing an old-lady-style  “I’ve got a good mind to write a letter about that” complaint to the local Woolies.


7 thoughts on “Stupidy McStupid (rant) or why I bloody well HATE rugby league.

  1. Amanda, I totally agree with you on the whole hating rugby league issue! I seriously don’t give a rats. What the hell did that checkout kid think he was saying/ doing? Woollies is the last place you want to discuss this issue, especially with a gormless, misguided young boy! I know when I go into the supermarket its just get in and out as quick as you can, preferably not having to deal with any misogynistic opinions. AND Wow! those magic swabs sound amazing dont they? He really should be working for the F.B.I…

  2. Pricks.

    Yet another thing we have in common. I can’t stand the swaggering, braying, misogynistic attitude of the Rugger-buggers.

  3. jeanie says:

    I love Rugby League, but so agree with you about appalling behaviour off the field – I watch it for the non-appalling behaviour on the field and those who do rise above (that and the fact that it was part of my cultural heritage)

    However – if Stupid McStupid started ranting on about the asking for it to me – well, I have been known to give lectures to stupid checkout clerks at times – they beg to stop or glaze and think twice (hopefully) about asking the next person the same stupid question.

  4. Jayne says:

    I’m not into Rugby league but that was totally inappropriate of Stupid McStupid and, yeah, contact the manager.
    The idiot will only keep on doing it until someone says something,

  5. corymbia says:

    Glad to hear I’m not alone. At the moment, I feel like one of few who are really uncomfortable in the way we are expected to hold these rugby players in such high esteem to our kids at school.
    I could probably learn to like the game if the players didn’t seem to be such oafs.

  6. leechbabe says:

    In total agreement with you about Rugby League. You should write a letter to the manager of the store.

    We have the self service checkouts at our local Woolies/Safeway and I loath them with a passion. They don’t make sexist comments about Rugby but they do give me an error message on just about every item I scan.

  7. corymbia says:

    leechbabe – we have those checkouts in some Big W stores here. They seem to work OK … at least better than some of the check-out operators….

    I had an argument with a different check-out boy a few weeks back … I’d bought a 4-pack of socks for DS which was marked at $4.99 but was charged $5.49. I explained their mistake and they boy tried to tell me that it was only $4.99 if I bought 4 lots of 4-pack socks. The mathematical logic was lost on him.

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