YAY …and arghhh

YAY – I got a good interim report on my prac. Only 12 more days before I can sleep.
Arghh – to another teacher at the school who seems to be deliberately trying to make my life (and my supervisor’s life) difficult.

In other news – I’ve experienced far more than teaching during this teaching prac – a teacher’s strike on Tuesday, and today, the school was cut off by flood waters. We had to ring parents and send sts home early while cars could still get through.


Dear God, my eyes MY EYES!

Even more study.

I think it will end soon.
Prac next week – wish me luck.
To make up for my lack of posts, I send you a link to a website:

Awkward family Photos. http://awkwardfamilyphotos.com/

The name says it all.

But only look if you are at least an hour away from wanting to eat.

Some of these photos are truly disturbing….

The Wonder Years


(For the love of all that is good, what were they thinking????)