I never knew chickens could speak English … until last night.
At exactly 2:49 am I was woken to the sound of a screamed “help, HELP”.
It was coming from outside and I realised it was one of my chooks …and that the dark shape slinking around their cage was a fox.

(well at first I fixed my myopic eyes on  what I thought was the fox only to discover that it was just a shadow and the actual fox was sitting much closer to the window I was looking out of).

Their cage is really quite sturdy
chook house med

…and yet I worried about my hens.
So I did what any self-respecting woman would do in the middle of the night – I poked hubby until he woke up and told him to go and sort out the kerfuffle.

So her turned on the flood lights and went back to bed … ’cause you know how much foxes hate floodlights right????

Apparently they aren’t too bothered by floodlights because it was back within minutes.  This time I had a good view of it poking a paw through the mesh to try and hurt my beloved Henrietta.

So I poked hubby in the side yet again.

This time hubby barricaded the cage.

He was asleep within minutes but I spent an hour listening for sneaky Mr Fox to come back …. thankfully he didn’t and the hens were OK.

But why I’m sharing this story is because of my 6 yo beautiful, loving daughter’s reaction:

“Mum, I’m going to trap the fox tonight.  Then I’ll spear it do death with a stick, chop off its tail and bum it over the fence”


I’ve raised a psychopath!

(No idea why she wants its tail and not really sure what “bumming it over the fence” means either).

Strange child must take after her father…..


7 thoughts on “Fox

  1. Jayne says:

    I love your 6 yr old!
    Fox’s tail = she can claim the bounty from the govt (if they’re still paying out)…or she can hang it from the aerial of her mother’s car 😉
    Bum the fox over the fence means she’s sharing the bounty of dead Reynard with the neighbours, such a caring, generous child 😉

  2. Until tonight I had never read a post about a fox going after hens, then I got two in my reader at once. Check out:

    It is like two worlds have collided.


  3. Can I borrow your daughter, please?!

  4. Greta says:

    Has she read fantastic fox by Roald Dahl? The fox in the story gets his tail shot off, but in typical Dahlesque style, he is cast as a hero… perhaps she was inspired by that. It’s a good story, by the way…

    My son and nephews occasionally come out with really weird, violent comments. Like your daughter, none of them even slightly violent people.

    I think they get it other kids at school, who get it from siblings, or from kids who are allowed to watch very violent TV.

    I heard a little four-year-old girl quoting Doctor Who the other day… no way I’d let my son watch it – I remember the nightmares it gave ME as a child, haha!

    Hope your little darlings are still ok. Wish I had a hubby to poke awake at night.

  5. corymbia says:

    Jayne – hehe- I hadn’t thought of the bounty … and the dear girl *is* always trying to get pocket money for something.

    WFI and HFF – Coincidence? or globally coordinated subversive plot by Reynard’s Worldwide?

    Greta – We have been reading “Fox” by Margaret Wild (and this fox is quite mean). ..but he has his tail. Hmmm

    On the up side, our family is happily introducing the phrase “to bum {something} over the fence” into our collective linguistic repertoire. I’m sure the saying will catch on ….

  6. leechbabe says:

    Hey has your daughter been talking to my daughter?

    We drove past some rabbits the other day and Annie asked me if I could get her a gun so she could shoot rabbits from the car.

    And then she spent a very long time telling me how terribly bad for the environment rabbits were, in between begging for a gun.

  7. M & B says:

    *Hee hee* I love your daughter 🙂

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