My Dad

has an acousitc neuroma.

If you are going to get a brain tumour, this is the one to have ….apparently.

…and given that the symptoms include going deaf, having raging tinnitus, being wobbly on your pins, and periodically complaining of motion sickness *whilst not actuality in a vehicle* and hurling your guts up we probably should have worked out that he had a problem many years ago.

Dad’s been deaf in one ear for years.  But aside from a complete inability to whisper and a penchant for only catching half a conversation, we thought it just went with the territory of having worked with noisy equipment for half his life.

The tinnitus?  …same thing.

The dodgy pins?  Well he tore the ligaments off his left knee about 8 years ago so no wonder he was getting a bit wobbly.  Not to mention the three rounds of major abdominal surgery he had last year making him a bit weak.

But now that I really look at him and not tune out when he whinges* about stuff I am noticing that he’s really *really* dodgy on his pins:

  • He couldn’t walk up the hill to our front steps last week and that never used to bother him.
  • He was walking around the front of my car as I reversed out the driveway a few weeks back and he had to grab the wall of the house so as not to fall over.  I thought he was still struggling a bit from the major surgery he had at Christmas time … but as it turns out he’d been looking at my car as he was walking and as soon as his point of reference started moving, his balance gave way.

Tomorrow, he sees the neurosurgeon. I’m hoping and praying that the news is all positive.  I hate to ask again, but please keep any spare prayers and good thoughts flowing in the direction of my Dad.

*He does go on about his health like a hypochondriac … but annoyingly when he says things like “I think my bowel is blocked” or “I think I have a brain tumour” … he is actually right … I mean there’s no family-humour-pay-out-on-him value in that.


9 thoughts on “My Dad

  1. aww….sounds like my mum…she goes on and on about little things but ignores the big…and they are usually huge by the time she gets anything done…like a heart attack type thing.

    Of course he is in my prayers…this has been a stressful Easter for you….and Christmas too by the sound of it.

    hugs and kisses

  2. There is a terrible guilt when someone is diagnosed with an illness and suddenly the symptoms click into place. But equally 9 times out of 10 it isn’t anything serious, so don’t beat yourself up on that one.

    Good thoughts coming your way for tomorrow.

  3. leechbabe says:

    Praying for him that things improve.

    When my father in law was diagnosed with lung cancer last year many things clicked into place and we all wished we’d clicked sooner.

  4. Jayne says:

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing but pointless to worry about “if only we’d listened to him” type things.
    Thinking of him and all of you.

  5. M & B says:

    How were you to know? Only after the diagnosis can you link all the symptoms together. Don’t feel guilty. Sending lots of positive vibes your dad’s way

  6. Chookie says:

    Prayers going up here too…

  7. Liz says:

    Sending good news wishes from Melbourne!
    My FIL’s partner had weird eye symptoms and headaches for years and saw loads of specialists. None of them picked up that she actually had TWO serious tumors that were pressing on the optic nerve. An emergency flight to Melbourne and brain surgery followed one Dr’s hunch. She has some sight and is basically well (for a person who’s diet was really bad). All those experts missed what it was. It happens.

  8. any news on dad sweetie?

  9. […] beginning a university semester with a parent in hospital. After the shocking start to last semester, I though this one would be plain sailing…. […]

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