Cancer update – some OK news

I’m breathing almost normally again….. It seems the tumour is benign but enormous. This means he’ll have to have surgery and radiotherapy but its curable (we hope).


8 thoughts on “Cancer update – some OK news

  1. pleased to hear that…hope they get onto it soon…is it far to the hospital?

  2. OK rather than good. But better than it could have been. Take care.

  3. Jayne says:

    (((hugs))) Better news but still thinking of you all.

  4. leechbabe says:

    Thank god. Praying for smooth sailing and no more cancer scares in your family.

  5. phew. MUCH MUCH better news. Sucks, but oh so much better than the alternative

  6. M & B says:

    Am so relieved to hear the news seems so optimistic. Hoping the surgery goes well. Look after yourselves (and your dad). Big Hugs

  7. corymbia says:

    Thanks everyone for your prayers and thoughts.
    … just having a place to spew verbage and have someone reply really helps me not freak out…

  8. that is what we are here for…apart from the usual reasons that is!!!

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