More adventures in wildlife rescue

So you know how I was brutally savaged by a suicidal possum last week right??   Well I’ve had to rescue another poor, misguided terrorist creature from being brutally slaughtered by us humans and our enormous vehicles.

Just call me Ranger Mandy…..

Once again, I was driving home from school drop-off when I spied the poor, wee, dazed thing.  It was swaying by the roadside,  mesmerised by the cars speeding by.   I was pretty sure it hadn’t been struck, but its hard to tell with these cases (apparently).

But this time I was prepared.  I got a towel from the boot of my car, and also my camera to try and at least get a live shot for my blog this time (we all know how unattractive photos of dead animals can be after the last adventure of Mandy, the Roadside Rescuer).

But the tiny terrorist creature was ready for me.  It fixed its crazed, beady eyes on me and drew itself up to its full height before launching itself at me with the cry “eeee I kill you” before I got a chance to don welding gloves and chuck a towel over it.

(It seems nobody told the wildlife to be nice to rescuers.  They all seem to share some weird thing about trying to kill the hand that helps.)

Anyway, I backed off  – hey  – I learned my lesson about picking up small animals after the possum incident.

I managed to shoo the small creature off the road fairly easily, but first managed to capture a single shot to show my dear bloggy friends the dangers a dedicated wildlife rescuer must face:


(OK – to anyone who’s ever so slightly offended by this, before you sic PETA on my butt, please realise that I am deadly serious about wildlife and cars not mixing.  Also note that I intended this post to go out on April 1 at 6am but forgot to set the auto publish thing, and only just noticed it sitting in my drafts pile, and since I’m a) lazy and b) haven’t had much time to blog lately, I thought I’d post it anyway even tough its a couple of days late).


6 thoughts on “More adventures in wildlife rescue

  1. Jayne says:

    You know what the moral of the story and the hidden message from the Universe is, don’t you?
    Stop dropping the kids off at at school!!!
    Just stay home and have another coffee…let someone else play rabid wildlife ranger 😛

  2. corymbia says:

    Jayne – you must be right … but wait … then I’d just have rabid children instead
    Chookie – I confess the pic isn’t mine (but a beauty hey?) ..and
    Leechbabe – you know what they say about the omen of a dead possum on the doorstep….
    M&B – glad I amuse more people than just me 😉

  3. Chookie says:

    What a gorgeous mantis! But you really must remove that “Attack me” sign from your forehead…

  4. leechbabe says:

    The girls and I spotted a possum on the ground near a house we were looking at to buy. Remembering your story of wild life rescue gone wrong we gave it a wide berth.

  5. M & B says:

    *Hee hee* even if it’s a bit late. I’ve had a giggle

  6. […] On the way home I’m rounding a corner when I spy a blue-tongue lizard waddling across the road. Now you know how much I worry when I see native wildlife in harms way. […]

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