Possum Unmagic

I have learned something important today:

never ever assume a stunned possum is … well … stunned.

As Mr 4 and I were driving back from  dropping Miss K at school  this morning, I spied a small, cute, furry, *baby* possum on the side of the (very busy) road.

It looked stunned.  It looked bewildered. It looked lost. It looked like it couldn’t find its Mum to get it out of this mess ….. It looked at *me*.

So I pulled over and attempted to shoo the thing up back onto the footpath and up a tree.

It sat and looked at me in it’s stunned, bewildered, “Will you be my Mummy?” way.

It did not move.

So I got closer … part of me thinking that I should search the car for a towel or something with which to shoo it … but it was so stunned it let me pat it.

So I’m there at the side of a busy road, patting a baby possum while my 4 year old son watched from the safety of the car.

The possum still didn’t move.

So in one of the stupidest moves ever, I decided I could probably pick it up and put it into the tree. (Particularly stupid given my history of animal handling).

Suddenly that cute little baby possum Woke Up and said:


and did some sort of weird ninja thing where it leapt at my jugular, but only managed to tag my hand with its teeth and claws.

It was at this point that a home owner came to my rescue.

With flippers.

(WTF? you say … that’s also what I said to myself at the time)

She then attempted to shoo the cute little baby terrorist possum off the road.

Again, it leaped with surprising force towards her jugular with a screamed “I kill you”, and clawed its way down her arms.

Luckily it really did wake up this time and scooted up the nearest tree.

…so a after tetanus shot (and Diphtheria and Whooping cough for good measure) and a script for some antibiotics I bring you this post and the message not to believe the beguiling cuteness of Australian marsupials (koalas drinking bottled water anyone?).

They will kill you if given the chance.

Even the babies.

Beware – there are llamas.

(OK – that last one is a teensy bit random, even for me.  Python fans will understand).


10 thoughts on “Possum Unmagic

  1. Chookie says:


    Oh well, another ten years till the next injection!

  2. corymbia says:

    Chookie – apparently the new tetanus jab covers you for longer … apparently.
    Fiona – oh but drop bears are so much scarier looking – I’d never have touched them
    WFI – you get my sense of humour girl!
    Liz – I remember you cormorant episode now. damn nermals don’t know what’s good for them.
    Jayne – but this *was* an Aussie possum (I’m in Brissie). That’s why I noticed it- it was out of bed in broad daylight the silly thing … but as for pancakes … I have some sad news to impart in my next blog (give me 5 minutes to publish it).

  3. Fiona says:

    Yikes! At least it wasn’t a dropbear!

  4. And you never expect the Spanish Inquisition / cute but vicious baby animals.

  5. Liz says:

    Oh dear. Looks like we both found out just how tricky rescuing native animals in trouble can be. That cormorant had a remarkably effective beak. I had the tetanus shot as well. Probably not a bad thing. I doubt I had had one since high school.
    Hope your wounds clear up well!

  6. Jayne says:

    The Oz-bred possums are usually tucked up in bed during the day – or impersonating a pancake on the side of the road 😛
    Must be the Kiwi-hybrid is a tad touched 😛

  7. leechbabe says:

    The possum was playing possum 😀

    Glad you survived, hope the nasty possum bugs stay away from you.

  8. corymbia says:

    leechbbe- Bwhahaha…. and the possum bugs have been relatively quiet … but definitely giving me some curry. I’m resisting the ABs at this stage (they rarely agree with my innards).
    M&B – must’ve had Steve Irwin whispering in my ear methinks.

  9. M & B says:

    Yay for you trying to rescue the poor thing. Not yay for it trying to kill you 🙂

  10. […] when I spy a blue-tongue lizard waddling across the road. Now you know how much I worry when I see native wildlife in harms […]

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