From personal drama to community disaster

The beautiful islands on my doorstep are covered in oil:


Sixty kilometres of coastline is covered in the slick, which came from the Pacific Adventurer after it was damaged earlier this week in rough seas whipped up by cyclone Hamish.

Up to 100,000 litres of heavy fuel oil leaked into the ocean from the cargo ship.

Moreton Island – about 40 kilometres off Brisbane – is the worst affected.

About 350 workers are trying to remove the sludge but it is a slow process and most of it has to be done by hand to avoid further damage to the environment.

I grew up camping and fishing on these islands. They are as much a part of my “home” as my house is.

6 thoughts on “From personal drama to community disaster

  1. That’s awful. Nature has been violated.

  2. Jayne says:

    Just heard the news – 200,000 litres leaked out while the owner and/or captain claimed only 20,000 litres were on board.
    It’s disgusting and should not be happening in 2009 ffs.

  3. leechbabe says:

    That is incredibly tragic. I used to go on day trips to those areas with school and they are / were beautiful pristine places. Hopefully they will be again.

  4. jeanie says:

    It is truly awful the damage that has been done.

  5. Greta says:


  6. corymbia says:

    It was just awful – we were lucky that none got into the bay…. but they still can’t find the ammonium nitrate

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