She is gone

My mother-in-law passed away early this morning.
She was happy when my husband saw her yesterday.
Sitting up, talking to people, chatting away.
Quite glad of the company and all the friends who had come to visit.
My husband is glad he went to visit her rather than finishing dipping the cattle and going in later today.
I am glad the kids and I had seen her a few times during the past week.
I am also glad that her death was not a long, drawn out, agonising thing, but was mercifully quick.  She had a number of very painful attacks during the week (which she forgot almost instantly) and we all knew that she could not go on.
I am glad that one of her daughters who had been travelling overseas for the past month was able to see her yesterday and spend some quality time with her.

But I am sad.

Sadder than I thought I would be.
I haven’t cried yet. That will come after I tell the children. Until then I will be numb.
I know.
I have been through this before.

…and I dread the days to come.


16 thoughts on “She is gone

  1. Fiona says:

    Oh sweetie, lots of hugs from here. Be kind to yourself,

  2. Jayne says:

    Sorry to hear such sad tidings.
    (((hugs))) to you and the family.

  3. leechbabe says:

    I’m so sorry.

    You are probably overwhelmed at the moment but if you get a chance there is a good discussion in the comments over at Parent Hacks about talking to children when a grandparent dies –

  4. Oh my goodness, it all seems to have happened so quickly.

    I’m so sorry for you, for your husband, your children.

    The next few days will be awful as from the sounds of it as well as funeral arrangements you have your other in-laws to contend with.

    Take care.

  5. corymbia says:

    Thank you Fiona, Jayne, Marita and Liz.
    Being able to share my feelings on my blog and have you all thinking of us really does mean a lot to me.

    Marita- thanks so much for the link. I’ve done a bit of talking with the kids today and so far so good. Last time, (2 years ago when hubby’s Dad died) I remember reading them a book on death (targeted early childhood age groups) but it was very much against telling children about Heaven and reinforcing that dead is dead …. but since *I* very much believe in Heaven, it seemed counter-intuitive.

  6. I am so sorry for you and your family.

    My thoughts are with you at his time .

  7. corymbia says:

    STS, M&B and Greta – thank you so much for your kind words. There’s a lot going on wrt to interesting inlaw behaviour at the moment, so getting back to the fact that we are all Really Sad keeps getting caught up in other stuff.

  8. M & B says:

    Thankfully your MIL had time to say her goodbyes to all the family and that she didn’t suffer for a long time. Big Hugs to you and your family. Take Care of each other

  9. Greta says:

    Big hugs to you and your family at this tough time. Your faith must be a great comfort to you, and also your kids – thinking of you as you ride through this difficult time together. ((((A and family))))

  10. Chookie says:

    I’m so very sorry, Amanda. Will pray for you. Take care.

  11. corymbia says:

    thanks chookie

  12. Sorry for your loss….it is still new …the grief….take care

  13. […] … I’m beginning a university semester with a parent in hospital. After the shocking start to last semester, I though this one would be plain sailing…. […]

  14. corymbia says:

    Let it be known that March 1 is hereby cancelled in our family.
    Henceforce we will replace it with February 29 or February 30 as appropriate.
    March 1 is an arse of a day and can bugger off for good.

  15. ah amanda….i can see why you would say that…but…what an incredible happenstance that this day should be so awful for you …but what a strange thing life is and death…your son and his mother were together when he was born and to die on the same day…though awful and a year apart…what are the odds of that happening?

    forgive my thoughts…i do hope you are okay and the kids…my heart is with you

  16. sorry amanda i meant her son…i am thinking of you ….this weekend must be awful for you….i am heartened though by your faith..please email if you need to talk…i will send my phone number to you this week…just in case

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