Speaking of vomit….

So I decided to take Miss K to a birthday party today. Get all the questions on her arm over in one fell swoop and let her have a bit of fun and return to semi-normal routine and so forth.
I had to take my 4yo boy as well as the husband interpreted “I’ll be needing your help this weekend” as “yep – you run along to the farm and help your brother dip the cows” (its hard trying to speak Husbandese).
Rang the hosts – they know us quite well and were happy to have an extra.

So the 4 yo enters the door, downs about 4 cups of cordial and some treats and then spends the next hour throwing his body around in the hired jumping castle.
Guess what happened next.


So we are home again. I had to go and apologise to the hosts (who were most gracious and were happy enough that their dog had artfully removed the vomit from their lawn) … and then slink out the door.

Lesson learned:

Never ask God ‘what else could go wrong’ or call him a ‘bugger’ or make a flippant remark about the devil vomiting into your kettle.  It may be taken far too  literally by both parties.

4 thoughts on “Speaking of vomit….

  1. Fiona says:

    OK! This has made me really LOL! I have just had the last child collected after Mr 8s party today. Sent out invites to 16, didn’t hear back from 2- thought they were probably not coming, but decided to do party bags etc for them just in case! One showed up, with the younger sister and mum left both of them and said I’ll be back in 2 hours. I was like, ok! At least I had no vomit!

  2. corymbia says:

    At least now I don’t feel so bad!
    At least the hosts are old family friends of ours and were cool with the extra child coming along. They were more concerned that Miss K had broken her arm I think.
    They actually caught me trying to clean up the vomit (it was in part of the backyard well away from the party).
    Thankfully it was just 4yo’s dodgy tummy and not a bug …

  3. leechbabe says:

    OMG. This happens to us fairly often with Annie’s reflux, not a pretty sight.

    One day you will look back at this time and laugh.


  4. corymbia says:

    Thankfully it wasn’t a bug … ’cause then I *really* would have felt bad.
    He’s done this a few times lately – the last month though so maybe I should get him checked out at the GP. Last time was when he got a special treat – a small pink milkshake at Donut King. It went in, stayed for about 2 minutes, then he refilled the cup without spilling a drop …. now that’s a talent
    (see – already I’m laughing about it!)

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