Annoying things your inlaws do….

…whilst sitting around your mother-in-law’s hospital bed.

1. Insist that ALL family members must be present at the bedside ALL day.  I wonder when the poor woman (or her poor room-mates) were supposed to rest?

2. Steal *my very own* copy of a magazine while I was taking my child to the loo and then continue to read it for an hour after my return from said loo.

3. Eat chocolates in front of me and a sick woman who is only allowed to eat clear fluids and Not Offer Any To Anyone Else.

4. Tell my Very Patient Children that they have to put up with being very bored because Nana is very sick.  (Personally, I think Nana’s short term memory is so bad she probably didn’t know who they were anyway).

…and the top Annoying thing?

5. Cary a copy of an unsigned will in their handbag, then demand that a woman who is terminally ill, on some serious pain medication, and who’s mental competency is dodgy at the best of times and is really bad at present to Sign The Will Before Its Too Late.
Conveniently ignore the fact that they organised a new will on the one occasion they saw their mother in the past 12 months without their other siblings present.   Given that there is already a signed copy of a will MIL made in the 80s when her mental competency was good, one wonders what is in the new will that my sister-in-law is so keen to get her mother to sign???

It’s been a loooooong weekend folks!

13 thoughts on “Annoying things your inlaws do….

  1. I’m so sorry Amanda, it sounds like a very stressful and emotional time for you and your family. My thoughts are with you.

  2. corymbia says:

    Thanks STS.
    It has been a long day … my ILs can be annoying and insensitive at the best of times but sometimes they just astound me.

  3. Oh my good god. It’s like the start of some Agatha Christie style novel. (Read the will!)

  4. corymbia says:

    WFI – We’d *like* to read the will.
    Apparently “nobody” knows what’s in it and SIL doesn’t want to share it until after its signed. Suspicious much?
    I’m thinking of crash tackling her in the lift….

    Fiona – I like your style 😉

  5. Fiona says:

    Well one can hope the chocolates are out of date or something… And next time take a raunchy magazine for her to read 😉

  6. jeanie says:

    Oooh – she is a prize.

  7. corymbia says:

    Jeanie – I really should be better conditioned to them trying to organise me after knowing them for the past 16 years!

    Leechbabe – I like your thinking girl!

  8. leechbabe says:

    Buy her some more chocolates but add a little laxative to them before handing over. Then while she is occupied in the loo you can read the will 😀

    Sorry evil I know but sometimes evil people call for evil measures.

    Hanging in there.

    Keeping the prayers up for you all.

  9. M & B says:

    Sounds like a stressful time (and thats only the in-laws I’m talking about). I’m sorry to hear your MIL is not doing so well.

  10. corymbia says:

    M&B – it is stressful for everyone because we are all worried … its just that some people are INSANE and forget that the Earth does not actually revolve around them.

    sm – you want to know something funny – its not the SIL that you already know about. She is bad enough, but the other two have been so frustrating!

  11. sm says:

    Sister in law. Need I say more?

  12. Greta says:

    Oh. My. GOD. Tell me they didn’t really do that? God, my blood was already boiling when I read the stuff about the chocolates etc, but when I got to the will part it made me despair about the human race – how can these people belong to the same species as us? That is truly one of the most insensitive things I’ve ever heard. They sound like they deserve to have their share of the inheritance bequeathed to charity.

  13. corymbia says:

    Greta – nice bunch of people I’m related to hey?
    SIL maintains that she hasn’t read the will. I’m not entirely sure how stupid she thinks we are, but she mustn’t think we are too bright.
    The thing that really pushes my buttons is that this is the SIL who claims to be the World’s Greatest Christian…. hope other people don’t judge the religion by what they see in her!

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