Attention Arachnophobes

… this will either cure you or give you nightmares for the rest of the year:

(Warning –  if you *really really really* hate spiders, don’t open the link.  You won’t like what you see.)

Play With Spider – Flash 3D –
Poke and prod the spider with your mouse , also ‘grab’ one of its legs with your mouse and drag it around the screen.  Or you could try clicking your mouse anywhere on the map, hit the space bar, and it leaves little bugs, and the spider will eat them up.

Its also rather fun to grab the spider and smack it around.  The downside is that it doesn’t seem phased by being repeatedly bashed about the head.

While I’m not exactly an arachnophobe, the hairy little critters don’t exactly make me feel all warm and fuzzy … watchful and wary yes, but not warm and fuzzy…. or freaked out and screaming.

I did once briefly date a bloke who was an entomologist (spider fancier), but I couldn’t compete with his pet  Sydney Funnel Web so it didn’t last long.


2 thoughts on “Attention Arachnophobes

  1. Liz says:

    I found this a few months back and spent a few minutes playing. Pascal (age 7) loved it! She spent loads of time adjusting the legs and speed, etc. She came up with some rather freaky looking spiders…

  2. corymbia says:

    I’m glad Pascal had fun with it – she must have good creepy hairy spider tolerance!
    I’m not an arachnophobe but the thing was so creepy I found myself “hiding” from it so it wouldn’t walk over to the pointer…. and then grabbing it and smacking it around.

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